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Characters Not Saving

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okay so hear me out, i dont know if this applies as a bug but :P

so like 2 days ago, I started Maplestory. i created a character (Luminous) and played, was fun. I then exited, then went back in later. it doesnt show up. I shrug it off and think it might be a simple issue, and make a new character (Phantom). I play a bunch, was fun. I then do Alt + F4 (or something idk) and click exit game. I then come back today, Its not there! so, either this is a bug or i just need help with saving. so, how do you save? does it have something to do with the server you choose?



  • AKradianAKradian
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    Yes, it has to do with the server you choose.
    Each character you make belongs to a specific server (the one you chose before you created the character) and will not be visible if you select another server.
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    Hi AlmostAWarrior,

    When you get the chance could you answer the following questions:

    Are you using the Nexon Launcher or the Steam launcher?

    Are you logging into the same account?

    Are you making sure to choose the same world that the character was created in? Do note that characters are world specific.

  • AlmostAWarriorAlmostAWarrior
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    alright, forgot to add to this-

    yes, it does depend on the server, i just really like how they all like rip

    so, if you are new to Maplestory- stick to one server. Thanks, everyone!