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Rest in Peace, Bonus Potential.

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Recently I talked with a few other users about how fusing level 10 equips until bonus potential shows up can be a way to get an ideal way to get desired potential and bonus potential. Back when I was playing KMS, people fused lowest level equips over and over until they got +1 Atk or +1 Magic Attack on bonus potential (which turns into +10 Atk or +10 Magic Attack when transferred to CRA gears and above). I too used to fuse level 10 staffs ~100 times until I got +1 Magic Attack on bonus potential and spammed occult cube until I got something like Epic + INT %2 and + INT %3, which turns into + INT %6 and + INT %3 when transferred to CRA staff.

I informed people to use this way and stop swiping credit card every few days to buy bonus potential cube, but they had no idea about what I was talking about. I thought this may not known in GMS environment, but looking through the news, it turned out that potential-less equipments can no longer be fused to become an equipment with any potential line.

So this pretty much blocks the only way to get +10 Atk / +10 Magic Attack on Bonus Potentials on equipments without bpot cubes. I am aware that Maplestory involves a lot of credit card swipings but this seems like a serious issue to me. I recall two of my friends (both of which played Night Lord) - one guy had full CRA + Lionheart gear, and all of them had unique potentials from which at least two lines had +% LUK boost. The other guy had Epic gears but his every equipment with exceptions like emblem had +10 Attack on bonus potential. Guess what? The guy that had unique gear can't solo Chaos Papulatus, but the guy with Epic gears and ideal bonus potential beat Normal Lotus with only Bishop in his side.

After I moved to GMS I have CRA with 30% scrolls up but potential lines have been terrible with me (only 6% main stats) and narrower options to improve bonus potential further concerns me. I am honestly not okay with my 171 character at 260k range because at this rate it might not be able to CRA past level 200 (I don't even wish to solo cvel until I get V matrix and get some unions set up).

So, how are you guys dealing with the reality that bonus potential is almost nonexistent without spending immense amount of cash on cubes? Do everyone just go for unique gear sets by spamming red / black cubes? I haven't seen too good gears in Scania auction lately. Or are most people here calling a day after hitting 1 mil range? Thanks in advance.


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    Yeah, you're just a couple months late on the news of no more "non-pot" equip fusing.

    Well, there are work-arounds from having to spend money to get the bpot you're looking for. The way I do it is basically going to low level maps and hoping to get the bpot I'm after. The good thing is you can fuse 2 of the same equip so long as it has a potential on it. This doesn't mean you can fuse a piece of equipment that has both a normal and bpot with an equip that just has a normal pot because you risk losing the bpot when fusing with an equip that doesn't have one. So fuse them accordingly and you will eventually get the potential you're after to then be transfer hammered to your desired equip.
  • zoutzakjezoutzakje
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    As someone who does not use nx at all, i have no proper bpots yet on my equips (all rare and 1 epic, all with garbage stats). I plan to buy bonus cubes with mesos in the future (buying maple points from the meso market in fm), but I've had other priorities with my mesos so far. My main potentials are coming along nicely though. Most of my gear is now unique or leg with 15% luck or better. It means relying on master and meister cube drops from bosses, commerci, bounty portals, legion shop, mineral veins and the occasional events. Extracting useless equips for superior crystals and crafting 1-2 cubes a day also helps. And of course the 5 red and black cubes per month from reward shop. I am currently able to solo both normal lotus and normal damien (though barely).
    I hope they put bonus cubes in the reward shop someday. That would help significantly. Though keep in mind that bpot is not really needed to make it far.

    260k range at lvl 171 is pretty solid to be honest. I had barely 100k clean range at lvl 200, though i pretty much just grinded before i started worrying about range. Upgrading your gear is a slow and difficult process.
    CRA bosses are still far out of your league. Don't expect to be able to solo them for a long time. I was well over lvl 220 before i could take them on. I needed about 1.5-2 mill clean range for the queen, pierre and von bon. My first cvel solo kill was at 2.7 mill clean range. Some people might need more or less but this was my personal experience. Until that time i recommend asking guildies for carries every week.

    Good luck!