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Black Mage Legion Application - Contest


  • Fabr1nYFabr1nY
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    my middle name is fabriny, everyone calls me fab, i play kaiser, and kaiser sucks
  • ScreamingForHelpScreamingForHelp
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    I may not be the most evil. I may not have the most tragic of backstories. I simply know which side is the right side to fight in, and in this war, it is clear that Black Mage, the magnicent one, is the correct side to take. The objectively good guys. The Black Mage truly is the one that cares about you. The Maple Alliance? The Resistance? The 6 heroes? Absolute garbage. They do not care about you. He does. He knows who is the best for you. He is truly the one to follow.
    Some may call me delusional. Some may call me crazy. They don't know better. I know I'm right, and that's all that matters. I couldn't care less about what these idiots have to say. If those idiots want to perish in the hands of the Great One, then let them be. They will be proven wrong, and I will laugh at their ignorance.
    My name is June, and let me preach to you the good news and the gospel of the Black Mage, our glorious leader and the true savior of Maple World.

    Let's look back in the events of Maple World over the past few centuries. Let's see exactly why the Maple Alliance are the evil ones, and why the Great One is not only the lesser evil, but in fact, the Greatest Leader, the Greatest Thinker, and the most generous giver of them all. He should choose me to serve Him because I know the truth. I can see the reasons behind His acts. I know for sure that He is the good guy and I understand Him, and I know that serving Him is the path to salvation. His actions are logical to the salvation of Maple World, even if it means destroying it and starting anew.

    1. The Generous One
    Let's look at the so called "good guys" of Maple World. The one that calls themselves the alliance, the ones that dare to oppose Him. What do they give you for joining their forces? A measly +5 magic/weapon attack passively and a +500 max H/MP medal. Now, let us look at the Black Mage. The one that is painted as being "evil." His endless generosity knows no bounds. For simply swearing your loyalty to Him alone, He grants you immortality and grants you immeasurable powers. Not only that, but He grants you any wish you want; even a lowly human who He met for the first time, who claimed he wanted to be a commander, was granted absolute powers over the entire Mirror World. To Von Leon He granted revenge, to Hilla He granted eternal youth and beauty, to Orchid and Lotus He granted a human body. He isn't even picky about who can serve Him. A very rude commander such as Damien, a traitorous one like Magnus and a selfish one like Arkarium, He treats them all equally and gives all of them wha they desire. Truly, is He not the most generous giver and greatest leader? And yet the Maple Alliance has the audacity to call themselves the "good guys."

    2. The Caring One
    Many years ago, there was a major change to the geography of Maple World. This event was known as the Big Bang. Many old locations were gone, and pathways have changed. New roads have been made, old roads have been destroyed. Many paint this as an act of evil. Calling it dangerously different. Using it as an excuse to recruit unknowing people to their evil cause. The reality? Victoria Island became safer than ever. Moving around the island became a lot easier, and with the newly formed Six Path Crossway and the Dimension Gate being opened, worldwide and dimensional travel was made easier than ever. And yet people still try to justify this as an act of evil. Not only this, but with the completion of the Kerning Square, reopening of Omega Sector after being sealed away by His powers, his commanders making places such as Henesys Ruins, Twilight Perion, Scrapyard and the Dark World tree, as well as Him opening the doors to the Arcane River, training to become stronger have become easier than ever. Were these all truly acts of evil? Or is this the miraculous acts of a caring leader wanting to strengthen the inhabitants of Maple World?

    3. The Merciful One
    During the Black Heaven incident, the Ace of the Alliance was treated as a traitor and forced out by the very Alliance they served and worked under. The so called Opposer of Fate, the so called Ace of the Alliance. Over what? A mere misunderstanding. One simple misunderstanding caused their strongest and most reliable member to be treated as garbage. How about the Black Mage? Demon Slayer, who betrayed Him, broke His protective barrier and tried to kill Him over a misunderstanding, was not killed but was simply knocked out. He fought back as self defence, but out of mercy he was not killed, and his body was laid comfortably by His side. Even someone as traitorous as Magnus, He cares for. Even when Hilla lost the ancient city of Azwan, Will fails to stop the awakening of Zero, the transcendent of time, Orchid lazes around after creating a group, Demon Slayer betrays him, HE DOES NOT KILL. There are many, many more times His commanders mess up and fails His missions, and each time, the Black Mage forgives them. Even Arkarium, who has acted to his own benefit multiple times and lost his body multiple times, was given many chances by Him, until eventually being made to take a rest in the events of Morass as his selfish acts were starting to get in the way. Not just the commanders, but when a measly explorer walks up to Him, talking about how they'll seal Him away again, the Black Mage has the patience and mercy to engage in conversation and even offer a position to serve Him, despite the explorer trying to seal him away. He could have easily blown away the measly explorer. Who is the better leader to serve here? The Maple Alliance, who forces their most loyal member to exile over minor misunderstandings, or the one of infinite mercy?

    4. The Savior of Maple World
    Hundreds of years ago, right before He awakened and fell from the White Mage to become the Black Mage, He came across the true evil of the Maple World, the Overseer. The self proclaimed "balance" and "law." When looking back at His past, from Black Mage: Origin or the Grand Athenaeum in the perspective of the mercenery, there is a clear moment when He shifts from the White to the Black Mage. Not because corruption over absolute power, but after being faced with the Overseer. Now, let's ask ourselves a question here. Did His motivations truly change? Was His "corruption" real? No. His goal, from the beginning to end, was for the good of Maple World and its inhabitants. The only way to do so was to create a new world without any corrupt beings in power, a world with no Overseers or Transcendents, and He only realized this after being face-to-face with the Overseer, the true evil of Maple World. Ultimately, the so called "evil" act of destroying and recreating a new world is in fact, the only way to save Maple World. And yet, the Maple Alliance, with their false media and lying propaganda, try to paint the Great One as being evil. These people have the audacity to state they're the saviors of Maple World, when they are not doing any good for it. We MUST support the actions of the Black Mage. He is the only path to salvation. He must destroy this establishment of selfish Overseers and lazy Transcendents in order to create His new world.

    Are these not enough reasons to join him? Are these not enough evidence to show that in fact, the Black Mage is truly the good guy and we must support Him? Anyone who fails to see so is a blind idiot and a sheep falling to the lies of the Empress Cygnus. There are still many, many more reasons to serve Him over the alliance. He does not discriminate against species. He cares about nature and the environment, evident when helping Ephinia, the queen of fairies.

    Ultimately, it is still His choice. It is His choice to accept me or not, but I believe in His infinite mercy and patience. I understand Him. I respect Him. I worship Him. If he can let someone as rude and disrespectful as Damien, someone as disloyal and untrustworthy as Magnus and someone as selfish as Arkarium can be His commanders, so can I. What sort of powers do I have to offer for Him? Well, I have the powers of music. I can draw people, coerce people, convince people and even hypnotize people with my melodic powers. Causing confusion, creating illusions, disorienting the listener. Strengthening my allies, weakening the enemy. With the powers of music, the possibilities are truly endless. Healing myself and others while paralyzing the enemy with deafening noise. Music is the only thing that I have left, through the tough times, times of loneliness, music is the only thing that kept me going. Music helps me forget the pain. Music helps me remember my goal. Music is my greatest power, attacking, weakening, strengthening. Please let me serve you, o Great One. Please let me serve you with my powers and knowledge. You are the only one that I have to live for. Please let me serve you. I promise I can be useful. Please do not abandon me like everyone else did. I know that You can see the use in my powers. I can be useful.
  • CFlareCFlare
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    Chandler the Empty


    During the days of the Maple World since the Black Mage was sealed, I was just a normal person living a normal life, with a normal job, with a normal family. I had a fiancé, we were madly in love with each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Things soon changed for the worst. I remember it vividly, it was the day before our wedding day! During the dress rehearsal I noticed some unexpected guests, I went to talk to them as any normal person would do, to see why they were there. I do remember it being weird, they were dressed in full black cloaks and I couldn't see their faces, it was almost as if they didn't have any. They said “Child of Nothingness, you will soon find out the true reason for your existence in due time. Until then, you must tread very carefully, for if you don’t, you will lose everything and everyone you love. I will see you again very soon child.” With that they literally vanished.

    The very next day, my wedding day, I was going to marry the man of my dreams. I was going to vow to love him till death do us part. That last part happened quite a bit sooner than anyone could have anticipated though. I was in the middle of my vows in front of all of my family and friends, when out of nowhere, the so called Heroes came and killed my almost husband and all of my family except for me. These so called Heroes said something very peculiar, “Lady, you are safe now. For there is no more evil to be had in these parts. If you would like you may join the Maple Alliance.” Not quite understanding why they had the guts to say that my family and friends were evil and still in shock from the whole ordeal, I simply nodded my head. Since that day I have attended all of their meetings. They know the Black Mage is back, they are making plans on how to destroy him, and I have them all memorized.

    One thing about the Maple Alliance however, is that they are completely ignorant of me. They let me go do whatever I want without anyone monitoring me. I go to Grandis often to hone my skills. The planet I train on is as empty and vast as my soul, my heart, and my feelings. I am nothing but an empty bride. I also don’t seem to age, I look almost like a ghost wearing a wedding day dress, getting dirty and raggedy as the days go on. One day, the same visitors from my wedding dress rehearsal showed up while I was training. They told me “Child of Nothingness, it looks to us like you finally understand. Accept this gift, with this power you will be able to get anything you want. This power will also allow you to communicate with us should you need any assistance or information. Afterall, we are actually one in the same.” The only thing that I wish to see, is that the so called Heroes get destroyed and the whole Maple World to become as empty as me. I want there to be nothing left.

    - Military experience, understands rank structure, never asks questions to superiors.
    - Ethereal properties, attacks phase right through my empty soul and body.
    - Can conjure and dismiss black holes, as empty and filled with nothingness as myself.
    - Can spawn a large number of Ghosts that wander around and shoot negative energy laser beams.

    Things I like:
    - Enjoys watching people suffer and realize they have nothing left.
    - Enjoys making empty promises.
    - Enjoys telling other maplers that they have a new message.
    - Enjoys watching items get destroyed from star force.
    - Enjoys spending downtime with my ghostly friends.
    - A good scary movie! (Gives me ideas of things to try out on others!)
    - The color Black.
    - Also the colors electric blue and dark purple.
    - The black and grey planet in Grandis named Abandoned Flaria.

    Things I hate:
    - Heroes
    - Maple Alliance
    - The Resistance
    - The Cygnus Knights
    - The random adventurer
    - Too much color.
    - Comedies.
    - The color Hot Pink.
  • SnizzeSnizze
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    Black marker on black paper is the only reasonable way to submit an application for this position, if you think otherwise you don't deserve to work for Him.
  • SlayerJSlayerJ
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    Legolas the Livid


    Being birthed from two adventurers many onlookers were hopeful the young child would become a great adventurer one day. Yet soon after coming into the world his parents suffered a near death experience against the monsters of Ludibrium, specifically King Block Golems and King Blocktopus. Having their minds severely damaged they sought protection against all block monsters, by torturing their child with blocks of many shapes and sizes. Many years went by where the child was pelted by blocks, stabbed by blocks, and worst yet, forced to walk barefoot upon blocks.
    His resentment for adventurers grew as he aged, only knowing hate for the breed that has caused him so much suffering. One day during a torture session one of the blocks he was forced to step on was not like the rest, it was black, a throbbing dark aura gushing out of it. Entering his foot as if his foot was made out of butter, it embedded itself into his body. A pain unlike any other he's ever experienced left him screaming bloody murder. His parents in awe, hoping this meant they would never suffer against blocks again, but soon they realized blocks were quickly surrounding them all over. The child felt this newfound power surging through his body, a connection to every block near him. He made them fly throughout the air, able to create brand new monstrosities with the blocks. He caged his parents in spiked block cages so that he may repay the torture he was given, ten fold.
    This wasn't enough, he gave himself the mantle Legolas the Livid, and wanted to make sure no adventurer could ever be so cruel to their children again, by making sure their lives are forfeit to his blocks.

    After years of practicing his powers on the citizens of Ludibrium he noticed others causing uproars, followers of the Black Mage. Wondering if his dark block in his body was a gift from this Black Mage, he is hopeful to find others like him that only wish to destroy everyone around him.

    -Ability to freely move blocks in the air with his mind.
    -Create structures and living block creatures, any creature already made of blocks immediately become subservient.
    -Block armor, allowing himself to fly by making the blocks float and adding to his defense.

    -Ludibrium Tower. Having power over the entire tower and many creatures inside, he has created a living base, able to attack and seal off paths of any foolish enough to invade. His crafted room shifts positions constantly, making it very hard to locate.

  • naitsirtnaitsirt
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    Name: Orious Venthelowhip
    Former Alias: "Midnight Vigilante"
    Aliases: "O," "Midnight"

    Born and raised in the often peaceful village of Espylacopa, I never thought the day would come when I’d be enshrouded with the darkness. Everything in Espylacopa was seemingly “normal”. I had heard of stories of the Heroes and how they fought against the Black Mage. Children in the village were told that these stories were nothing but fairy tales… I grew curious to know more about magic and wanted to fight alongside the Heroes. Behind closed doors, I practiced magic from a Book of Ancient Spells I discovered in Lufituaeb Forest. With the Book of Ancient Spells, my innate gift of magic had finally been activated.

    The Light Inside:
    Among the village, I was named the “Midnight Vigilante”. The village did not know that I relied on magic to help create a safer environment, so I would only take action when the clock struck twelve. Crime rates in the village were reduced by an astounding 97% just months after making my debut as the Midnight Vigilante. I struck fear into wrongdoers and showed them their demise. Using my powers of mind control precognition, I had ensured my victory over those who opposed me.

    The Dark Awakens:
    Just six years after earning the title “Midnight Vigilante,” things changed dramatically. The day finally came when the village would have to see my acts of magic firsthand. Using my powers on that fateful day was inevitable. The village I had once loved and grew up in was attacked by Arkarium and an army of reptiles. The power Arkarium possessed was tremendous. He blocked out my mind control and mind reading without hesitation. The people of my village saw what power I possessed as soon as I began to teleport to dodge the enemy’s attacks. They demanded that I had my tongue and hands removed, and they stated that I was not any purer than the enemy. Then Arkarium expressed that he has come to help me realize my true power… to help reveal that my life wasn’t worth living in Espylacopa.

    During the battle, my hands were targeted by my village. As a result, each of my hand had a large hole embedded. I did everything I could to heal my hand. Nothing worked, so I resorted to the Dark Arts. My new power was both a blessing and a curse… With the power of my right hand, I had the power to resurrect whatever I desired. Using the power of my left hand, I could make anything decay... After seeing the true colors of my disapproving village, I felt betrayed. I wanted the same power that had, and I was willing to do anything to get back at the people of Espylacopa. I was now engulfed with darkness and born again. I heard a glorious whisper from far away. And before I knew it, Espylacopa was no more.

    I wanted the Black Mage to really know who I am, so I did just that with my new abilities. At each place I caused destruction to, I used what remained of my victims to spell out “MIDNIGHT”. All that remains in the places I came across is the name which brought upon. Seeing my village turn on me allowed me to truly see that the Black Mage and I are the same. I wholeheartedly agree with his ideas, and as a commander of the Black Mage, I will annihilate all who stand in the way of the Black Mage’s grand plan. I have no purpose and recklessly destroy anything in my path, joining the Black Mage is all I yearn for.

    Powers (prior to the Battle of Espylacopa):
    -Mind control and mind reading

    Powers (following the events of the Battle of Espylacopa):
    -Decay (left-hand power)
    -Resurrection (right-hand power)

    -Responsible for the downfall of the following places:
    1. Ytineres
    2. Liuqnart Village
    3. Evol City
    4. Neewollah
    5. Senitnelav Village
    6. Retsae Town
    -Succesful resurrection of various mobs and team members

    -Dark Arts University, Graduated Spring 2018
    *Major(s): Chaos Theory, Life and Death
    *Minor(s): Darkology
    *Overall GPA: 3.8/4.0

    -Ellinia Magic School, Graduated Spring 2014
    *Overall GPA: 4.0/4.0

    Delinquent Little Snakes
    Snake Commander-Intern
    Summer Internship, 2018
    -I worked under Akarium and saw firsthand how beautiful chaos can be. While interning at DLS, I took part in leading the team during the Ytineres and Neewollah missions. Also took part as second-in-command during the Evol City, Liuqnart Village, Senitnelav Village, and Retsae Town missions.
    -Expressed outstanding team player qualities by resurrecting team members when needed
    -Ruthlessly caused demise in the aforementioned places

    Dark Arts University - Admissions Office
    Call Representative
    Fall 2016 - Spring 2018
    -Assisted incoming and potential students by answering any questions or concerns they have regarding their admission to DAU.
  • RagingbeautyRagingbeauty
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    I'm Francis, the Grandmaster Puppeteer behind everything bad that has ever happened to the Maple world.

    Every "boss" you see outside of the Arcane River are all foreshadows of the real masterpieces that I've been working on. Every evil scheme, every strategy, every hint of corruption in this world is controlled by me!

    My story doesn't have all that fancy family dying on me rubbish. Unlike these fools I don't need to be forcefully unchained from this world, for my true evil self is rotten to the core.

    Ever since I was young, I never really liked people. They could never understand me. Even the adults were too stupid for my genius self. During breaks, I would stay inside and play with my puppets and plan my schemes. I didn't need those boneheads. They were beneath me! I kept a low profile and hid my plans until high school, where i met my inspiration Orchid. She was truly evil. I still remember our first encounter. She made fun of my puppets and threw my schemes in the trash saying even a child could do a better job ... I was just speechless and in complete adoration. That's when I realized it was love.

    Ever since that day I've been perfecting my plans and puppetry skills, and she's been bullying me which only makes me love her even more.

    Just like my growing hatred for this world, she's the light of my life that gives me hope that one day this will be the world where she and I rule under the order of the Black Mage.
  • MaplebramMaplebram
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    The black mage is having a conversation with a possible new general, and few others waiting in line. As out of nothing a bunch of arrows enters the room through the big open door and land in the back of the possibly new interns. They fall flat on the ground “Sorry!!” You hear from the hallway as shortly after a hooded figure in an old raggedy cape enters the room. “They always have a mind of their own as they have left my bow. They just never miss. But don’t worry.” He removes his hood. Revealing a young elven man with long dark orange hair in a long ponytail and a red blindfold covering his eyes. “As long as I wear this” He point to the blindfold. “They won’t be dead…” He looks at the unconscious body’s “…or at least I hope they're not that weak.” He then kneels in front of the black mage. “But I beg my pardon for not introducing myself. Cune Riset at your serves. Hunter of knowledge and truth.” Cune stands up. “I’ve lived many years now in this world and have seen many things. I’ve studied them myself. I take nothing for granted and want to learn it myself before I believe it. That’s why I have come to you, my lord. The world is ready for war and is divided into two groups. Every monster, villager and even adventurer of mapleworld is taking its spot in one of the two possibilities sides. Yours, and…” Cune stops mid-sentence to take a step to the left.

    A shield crashes through the ground he was standing on. “Ohhh?” Cune says without turning his head. “It seems good men wish to be on your side my liege.” As a figure stands up again with still arrows in his back. “It’s ashamed he interfered me.” While turning around Cune quickly pulls the string of his bow multiple times. Each time he does a different color transmit between the bow and its string. From fiery red, ice blue, lighting yellow and many others. All hitting the unfortunate figure that managed to stand up again. “Such predictable.” Cune says while jumping up in the air as two figures slashing through the previously occupied place where he was standing. “I saw you already coming from miles away. Even you.” As he looks into an empty space. “You better reveal yourself. Nothing escapes my sight. I won’t go easy on you if you don't reveal yourself right now.” Nothing happens. “Alright. As you three wishes.” Cune lifts up the left side of the blindfold revealing one of his eyes. A rainbow-colored aura start emanating from it. "Let's give you guess a little taste of my power." In an instant, Cune pulls the string from his bow and shoot a firey arrow into the ground. As the temperature noticeably start rising the ground starts glowing red. As two of the three jumps in time, the third one burns to asses. "Hmm not bad." Cune says. "But what about this?" Cune starts pulling on the string again, and a white-yellow colored arrow starts appearing while the fire from the ground starts absorbing. Pulling toward the bow. As soon as Cune release the string. A lightning bolt fills up the whole room. A second one collapses. "That's two. And now you man of invisibility." Cune looks at an empty space in the room. A rogue turns visible with doubt in his eyes. He starts running. "No fun..." Cune says while firing a blue arrow. It hits the running man in the back and turns him to ice.

    “As I said, I don’t take thing for granted." Says Cune while turning to the Black Mage again "So, I have spoken to many people, have read many books and have seen too many places. Including ‘The Great Temple in the forest of peace’ and ‘Grand Athenaeum’. After seeing the truth, myself I knew you were right from the start" Cune cover his eye with the blindfold. "You will make a better world. And I would like to stand at your side to fight for the greater good, a new world.”
  • Sterling_AislingSterling_Aisling
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    (This post has been removed due to various reasons. Please contact me if there is a situation that arises. Thank you!)

  • ZepysZepys
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    Text Version
    Tera - Reboot
    The Art Institute of Swordsmanship- Honnou-ji Momijigaoka, Zipangu
    Bachelor of Science in Marketing Media March 2014

    Work Experience:
    Mori Ranmaru, El Nath, Maple World
    Commander for Mori Ranmaru Feb 2016–Current
    • Oversee all facets of the daily operations of the organizational units
    • Assists subordinates in performance of duty and provide guidance
    • Represents the department at business and community meetings, as appropriate

    Trading Post, San Commerci Area
    Export Manager May 2014–Feb 2016
    • Coordinated, handled, and managed goods and supplies to destination
    • Created interpersonal relationships with clients and managers
    • Protected,eliminated and resolved threats to goods while in transit

    Lucid’s Dream Designs, Lachelein, Arcane Rivers
    Marketing Design Associate Nov 2013–May 2014
    • Creating and editing design files in Illustrator and Indesign
    • Editing and color correcting photos for optimal print quality
    • Proof read, approve and promote propaganda campaign based on client’s needs

    Black Heaven, Scrapyard, Edelstein
    Quality Assurance Lead Nov 2011–May 2012
    • Assess quality and production of robots and drones based on company standards
    • Review, clean and finalize production work for quality check
    • Assists management in eliminations of competitions and spies, as needed

    Senior Project Free Market, Maple World
    Free Market Dealer April 2013–Dec 2013
    • Develop and create interpersonal relationships with clients
    • Assess products and goods for quality standards
    • Create, develop, and design new gears and equipments

    Awards and Certificates:
    Magatia’s Alchemist November 2017
    Powermonger January 2017
    Razor Gale December 2016
    Human Enough December 2016
    Epitome of Beauty November 2016

    Technical Skills:
    God of Blades, Multiple Battle Modes, Dark Aura, Management, Properganda, 3D Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Proofing layout, Photo Retouch
    Black Speech,Python,Mel,Bash,HTML/CSS
    Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, Crazy Bump, 3DS Max, Illustrator, 3D-Coat, UDK & UE4, ZBrush, Flash, xNormals, Unity, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, nDo2 & dDo, Perforce, GlobalMapper, Microsoft Word & Excel, OBS

    Dear Recruiting Team,

    As an accomplished individual with a rapidly increasing range of experience, I believe I am someone who will be an asset to your company. With strong desire for details and a proven record in the areas of propaganda, killing and understanding of a work production pipeline. I would like to explore the possibility of putting my skills and experience to work for you.

    As you can see from my enclosed resume my career en compasses roles in overall leadership, management and threat elimination. I am the commander for Mori Ranmaru where I overlook and guide the generals in the team, did some troubleshooting issues that came up between teams, as well as foresee and eliminated problematic individuals. I am someone who consistently delivers top quality results no matter what the challenge.

    Among my other strengths, I am proficient in swordsmanship with abilities to self-deploy a dark aura that damages enemies around me. Also knowledgeable in programs like Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Persuasive, self-confident and effective, my dedication to excellent performance, ability to interact professionally with all levels of personnel and my drive to grow in this field make me a value-added asset to an organization such as this.

    I would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the future employment and look forward to speak to you soon. Thank you for your consideration.


    Tera Buffs
    3457 Momiji Hills
    Momijigaoka, Zipangu
  • RenniRenni
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    Hewwo mistew Bwackuwu Mageuwu!

    Me name ish Recawuwuci and I think am very good candidate to be next commander for yew legion. Awttached bewow ish me MapuwuOn pwofiwuwu / wesume. Me expewtise ish in chawm, manipuwuwation, and annuwuying peopew. I hash very much expewience in being viwwain. Ash you can swee, I ish active viwwain in me woruwud for five years. I ish very gewd at being viwwain of many twades. In teh past, peopew no wike me fashion, and dey say it weird. Dat was wewd of dem, so me stawt dwessu uppu as kawaii gawwu and boi to twickuwu dem. Dey think me ish nice person. Den wen dey get cwose, I cowwect dey souwu wit me souwu shuwuta and den shuwut it back at dem and wepeat untew me ish bored. By den, dey ish very tired and can't move no more. Sum peopew in me awwiancuwu caught on, so den I pwetenduwu to be hurt victim so dey wewk wike bewy instead. Me wash bewy by peopew wen me wash young, so now i become bewy so dey no bewy me no more. Me hope to be next commander so me can bewy peopew to dey downfawwuwu wit me awmy of erdas.

    Bestuwu wegawds,

    Auto-translation by Maple from uwu to English:
    Hello Mister Black Mage,

    My name is Recalci, and I believe I am a very good candidate to be the next commander for your legion. Attached below is my MapleOn profile / résumé. My expertise is in charm, manipulation, and aggravation. As you can see, I have a significant amount of experience in being a villain. I have been an active villain in my world for five years. One could say that I am a villain of many trades. In the past, people did not approve of my fashion, and claimed my style was weird. I found their unnecessary statements of their negative opinions to be quite rude, so I started dressing up in clothing similar to those worn by attractive females and males to deceive them. I successfully fooled them into believing I am a kind-hearted individual. Then, when they develop a close connection with me, I retrieve their souls with my soul shooter weapon, only to painfully shoot their souls back at them. I repeat this cycle until I am no longer amused by their pain. By then, they have become extremely exhausted and incapacitated. Some very peculiar individuals in my alliance managed to catch on; however I created an act towards other alliance members, pretending to being a victim hurt by their false remarks, as if feeling they had misinterpreted my character, giving others the impression that they were harassing me. I had a history of being a victim of bullying by my peers during my youth, so presently I have become a bully myself so that no one even dares to bully me anymore. I hope to be the next commander so that I can bully people to their downfall with my army of erdas.

    Best regards,

  • aldo4344aldo4344
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    I can remember as if it was yesterday... Who am I? I don't know... Where do I come from? I would like to know... My name? I don't remember, I just remember that Mr. Bear called me OsoCazador.

    I remember a man beating me in a distant forest for trying to steal some food to survive and Mr. Bear saved me from this person; making him run from a single roar, At first I didn't understand it but I felt at peace when I was at his side so I followed him towards the forest.

    He met with an eagle, a leopard and a kitty, which came to heal my wounds. Miss. Eagle brought me some fruit to eat. Mr. Leopard didn't watch me with good eyes, his eyes were filled with fear and anger; after some time passed I started to understand them, even if they did not move their lips to speak, it was a kind of telepathy.

    I liked to play with Kitty, we had a lot of fun. Kitty and Mr. Leopard were like brothers, Mr. Leopard was always worried about Kitty. One day Mr. Bear and Ms. Eagle went to find food while Kitty and I played crossing a trunk that was in a river, which looked like a bridge. In a moment Kitty almost fell from the trunk and I, running, grabbed him and threw him to the other side and I ended up falling into the river. I only could hear Kitty screaming, everything went dark and I didn't hear anything else. I woke up later, lying next to Mr. Bear while he warmed me with his warm fur.

    Mr. Bear was sleeping, I got up to stretch my legs when I saw Mr. Leopard licking his wet body; kitty told me how he jumped into the water to save me and he explained that Mr. Leopard didn't trust me because of the fear and hatred he had for my species; He told me that most people were monstrous and really dangerous...

    But I was young and gullible... One day I found a girl who seemed surprised to see me. I remember that we played until Mr. Bear came. She was scared; Mr. Bear didn’t like it at all that I played with that girl but I told him not to worry. The next day ... it was a sunny day and it was almost time to get up. I was still half asleep when I heard a loud noise and saw Mr. Bear lying on the ground and a man with the same girl of the other day.

    The girl looked happy. Miss. Eagle told me to run, while with her claws she held the man's weapon; then I heard it, another loud noise, it wasn’t just a man, there were several men with weapons and among them was the one who beat me a long time ago.
    I ran out to where Mr. Bear and Miss Eagle were lying on the ground
    Before arriving one of the men pointed his gun at me and fired. Kitty jumped to protect me and was shot... I can remember how Mr. Leopard appeared from among some bushes, with tears in his eyes he attacked the men and shouted at me to run as far as I could I did what he told me, I ran away, the last thing I heard was a roar and another shot ...
    I ran and ran until it got dark and all I could think was that I was alone again.... all for not paying attention to Kitty. He had warned me. I feel horribly sad...
    I fell asleep and dreamed of everyone, as if nothing had happened, I was so happy until I woke up because I felt a very big pain in my arms and legs; I opened my eyes and saw those men tying me up, smiling, thanking me for the great hunt that took place, but I realized that I was also going to end up like my friends.
    The people of the town were organizing a party, a big party and I could not stop crying... I could only remember my friends who looked after me so much... I could see how the people congratulated the girl I had played with and then a man approached me with a knife and he said: it's your turn; I closed my eyes without hope, all I could felt was hate ...

    Mr. Bear: Hey boy do not be afraid, we will not be physically with you anymore but we will continue to protect you. It was not your fault, people are bad and they know how to manipulate.

    Miss Eagle: He is right, you do not have to feel sad for us, we will always be with you, never forget it.

    Kitty: We can continue playing in your dreams, without fear of anything, just don’t die and survive.

    Mr. Leopard: I always hated humans, but you proved to be different, I even learned to value you, you always showed strength and courage, this is not your moment to die, you still have many things to known and learn.
    Now our power is yours and you can use it as you please. Now shows that our strength cannot be overcome if we are together, show your Strength!!

    Everything went dark...

    I woke up and the man with the knife was already very close to me. I felt a surprising strength. With a little effort i broke the ropes. I felt the strength of Mr. Bear. The man, with fear, ran away and came back with more people with weapons they started to point at me and with a great hatred I screamed of anger, with an impressive speed, I ran to where they were and began to kill them one by one.

    My wounds healed faster than their shots hurt me. After finishing with them, I made a jump breaking the ceiling of that room and observe the festival where they were using the skin of my friends as trophies. I jumped from that ceiling and went to the festival, I felt as if I floated.
    I watched reddish wings grow from my back, dripping blood, flying with great anger, I started killing all those people who enjoyed what my pain had caused me so much, and finally I grabbed that damn girl and flew out with her and Let her fall from a great height and listening as her screams faded with a thud...
    Without looking back I walked away, knowing that my friends would always be with me, but with great sadness and hatred in my heart...

    Since then I started killing people because humans are the least valuable thing in this world, always killing without sense...

    My reason now is to exterminate them no matter what. That's the only thing my heart wish and nothing more.
    Using the strength that my friends gave me, I will finish with this plague.
    Why the Black Mage should choose me? I do not know, my only reason is to eliminate all the existence of the world and he has a very similar thought I do not know his story but I think it could be a great help to fulfill his mission..
    Phrase: Along with the spirits of my friends, who will always be by my side, I know that nothing and no one can defeat me and if they try they will see Our Darkness, My Darkness!! And when they realize they will not be able to escape!!!

    My strongest skill? With the spirits of my friends I can heal quickly from attacks, with the healing of Kitty and the combination of Fury and Grudge of Mr. Bear, along with the speed of Mr. Leopard, and with the ability to fly of Miss Eagle, They can create the most deadly skill that anyone could ever have imagined.
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    [img][/img]Pain grew up homeless surviving on the streets of Kerning eating octopuses to survive. He would often practice attacking the octopuses for fun.His slices were so fast you with every movement left a shadow trace. Pain loved using his Dragon Tail dagger the his father passed onto him to hunt monsters and was a natural at using it. It was known to possess secret hidden abilities once wielded. While walking through the subway a group of assassins approached him and started pushing him around as a throwing star grazes the side of his cheek leaving a deep gash. One of the Assassins then rips Pains Dragon Tail Dagger from his waist and stabs him twice with its and flash jumped off. Pain wakes up to the healing powers of a priest and ninja standing beside him. Pain explains the importance of his dagger and that he was attacked by ninja for it. The ninja beside the priest explains to pain that he is the dark lord and will be pains master and get the dagger. Pain grew to be the Dark Lords most successful shadower apprentice a true master of the dagger. He was spoken highly of and thought to be the next dark lord. Pains eyes were only set on his dagger however. His eyes had turned a shade of purple over along with his hair a dark purple, the scar from throwing star so long ago lie resting below his left eye. After many years of training with the dark lord and searching for the dagger pain grew doubtful, he felt he was being used. Word got around Maple world that the dagger was seen and the Dark lord sent Pain and his team of thieves to retrieve it .The Dark Lord grew worrisome as the mission was taking 2 days longer than expected and sent in another squad after them. Only one member returned and informed the dark lord that Pain stole the forbidden Dagger and betrayed the team. Once Pain picked up the dagger a purple aura appeared and gusts of wind pushed everyone away from him . Pain waved his dagger and sending a razer sharp force of wind at his ex comrades knocking them into a daze. Pain has been missing since then attacking random maplers in random towns, his victims meeting the blade Pain feels everyone should taste. Then they respawn back to life and hope they dont run into him. Pain terrorize maplers now using his heightened shadower abilities to remain stealthy and deadly. Pain most frequently hides in the subways where he can pass the same experience on he once endured. The Dark lord feels responsible and needs your help in stopping him the maple world depends on it! Pain was last seen wearing purple slime slippers, his Kerning engineering uniform and wielding his Dragon tail dagger and maple shield APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK
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    Name: Cheezy, mag.ing.el.techn.
    -Elinia School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (graduated 2008.)

    -hit a bird with a rock
    -took ice cream from my little sister
    -ate that ice cream while she watched
    -ran away from classes and blamed my 'friends'
    -deleted my brother's account with 3 250lvl's and blamed our mom
    -currently developing machine to destroy the world

    Other useful skills:
    -PLC programming --> if You, the Dark Lord, want to make torturing machines a
  • CheezyCheezy
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    Name: Cheezy, mag.ing.el.techn.
    -Elinia School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (graduated 2008.)

    -hit a bird with a rock
    -took ice cream from my little sister
    -ate that ice cream while she watched
    -ran away from classes and blamed my 'friends'
    -deleted my brother's account with 3 250lvl's and blamed our mom
    -currently developing machine to destroy the world

    Other useful skills:
    -PLC programming --> if You, the Dark Lord, want to make torturing machines automatic
    -video editing --> if You, the Dark Lord, want to record and publish short (or long) movies of torturing

    I graduated in electrical engineering, after Elinia High School, but that doesn't make me happy and I'm looking for career change. I'm ambitious individual who is looking for expert mentor and leadership and who can help me become even worse person than I am right now. In exchange, I offer all my skills and You, the Dark Lord, may use them as you like for eternity.

    Best regards,

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    I am edgy, I am dark, I am evil.
    I am an evil, edgy, demon witch whose name is Pflock. Long time ago I was summoned in the darkest of all nights, when the moon was shining in the bloodest red shimmer you can imagine. At a dark place, hidden in the dark shadows of the tall trees in the woods, a cult of wicked witches proceeded with a blood ritual of summoning a powerful demon that was as old as the world itself (a tip, it was me).
    But during the process of summoning me, they did a mistake of who’s body would hold me for the brief moment they wanted to speak to me. The symbols they had carved into the body who beared me had one symbol to much, leading into the horrific darkness of trapping me inside this body. Forever! *thunder sounds*
    Because of what they had done, I bursted into bright red flames, burning the place to the ground and with it, everyone from this cult. When the last flames went out and the place was filled with the reddish darkness of the night, I walked through the ashes and looked at my new body. The person of this body no longer existed, I had completely overtaken her body, her mind, her... soul?
    Parts of my demon form had melted into the body and my two big red wings were physical on the back. But the body was too heavy to fly properly, but jumping high and gliding were possible...
    After trying my wings, I begun to walk through the woods, searching for... I don't know. Something of interest that would make this curse of being stuck in this body somehow a bit endurable.
    Eventually I found an old rotten shack with symbols everywhere. It looked like it belonged to this cult who summoned me. One of the symbols on my body matched with one on the shack. Curious, I attempted to go inside and found the home of someone.
    Books everywhere, a little kitchen in the corner, a bed behind curtains. This place was the home of one of the witches, I was sure. Since I had burned them all, I just made myself comfortable there and since then live there.
    Over the time there, I gain the knowledge of them, eventually finding out that I never can lift this curse. I cannot even die.
    So why should I care if the world gets destroyed? Maybe I get destroyed during this too, would help me get free from this body I am bound to...
    I never followed someone other’s orders, but nobody from or with demonical intentions ever caught my interest enough. But the Black Mage...
    I want to see him free, how he burns the world, how he turns everything into darkness.
    If I can help with this, I’m in.

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    Hear me out, oh mage of black, for here I write:
    I am the dark, I am the end, I am the knight of night
    Seeking the strongest, I grant to you an invite.
    To join our strength, and bring our powers to a greater height.
    Why then, do I carry the visage of one with the light?
    Will you listen to me then, as I reveal to you my plight.
    Upon each eye, an eyepatch rests. Darkness all that lay in sight.
    Clothing granted by the almighty power of one simple rite.
    Gachapon, that is, distributing to me naught but clothes of white.
    And for that is why I seek your power, to bring alight,
    to obliterate this curse that is rng. To bring an end to this blight.
    That is my one wish, my one goal, the reason for my need of your might.

    Now, why should the Black Mage choose me..? Nay, that is not right
    The Black Mage does not choose me, it is I who choose the Black Mage for this fight.
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    so who won?
  • CapacchiCapacchi
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    Project: Hiraeth


    FILE://DATA:/PROJECT/01: [ Kalypso ]

    FILE://DATA:/PROJECT/02: [ Susanoo ]

    Note: Please click on the link above for these two ideas on sea-lore inspired applicants.
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    Name: Aysun

    Introduction: Great One, it would be an immense honor if I were to become one of your commanders. It has been my desire to rid Maple World of its parasitic inhabitants so that my people & I can finally live in tranquility. For too long, the people of Maple World have caused numerous tragedies with their never-ending selfishness & stupidity. While there is much I could talk about myself, I won’t waste your precious time & will keep this resume as short as possible.

    Tragic backstory: Despite my parents being humans, I was born with goat-like horns & six feathery wings. My parents once told me that their ancestors were monsters, so that would explain my appearance. That, along with the ability to manipulate shadows & summon creatures from them, was enough justification for the people of my home village to ostracize us. Things worsened when a rumor about my parents selling their souls to a powerful demon to have an all-powerful child were spreading. It didn’t matter to me how it started because it was enough to force my parents & I to migrate to a village in El Nath. As cheesy as this sounds, I befriended four children name Melissa, Marshall, Jackson, & Harley (all of whom have special powers as well). My dear grandma, who lived in another village close to ours, was well known for running a massive library filled with numerous magic books. My friends & I agreed to go to said library & hone our skills (& gain any new ones if we can). There, we met even more children like us & over time, we formed the El Nath Force. Word of our special powers & heroic deeds had reached to Ereve & a representative of Empress Aria was sent to recruit us all into a special program that would allow our powers to grow immensely. My friends & I thought that this was our chance to prove Maple World our worthiness to live. To us, it would’ve been an immense honor to meet & work alongside the leaders of this vast world as well as the heroes. How wrong we all were. Everyone, including myself, were taken to this bleak building deep within Leafre. The brutal experiments against us began. I know not what happened to my closest friends, but I was mentally & physically abused by many scientists in hopes that my mind would allow me to summon powerful monsters from the darkest depths of Maple World. Fast forward to us being young adults, we were considered ready to serve Empress Aria. Hoping that the pain would end, we performed our duties while being in her vast army. The pain didn’t stop. Everyone that wasn’t in our group considered us as freaks & overworked us since we were the strongest unit. One day, Empress Aria was assassinated by one of your commanders & we quickly left Ereve. Once we’ve escaped our tormentors, we began to wonder who the leader of this group would be, what would it be called, & where would our base be. I, being the strongest & wisest member, was chosen to be the leader, &, after much debate, have decided to name the new group the Mortem Alliance. After appointing my friends to be my commanders, we created our base in an unexplored area of the continent, Edelstein. Our first mission was to gather anyone within Maple World who have suffered like us & shared the same hatred for Maple World as we did. Our second (& current) mission is inflicting as much pain as possible to Maple World’s inhabitants.

    Current appearance: I have pale skin along with short, curly, & black hair. My seraphim wings & goat horns are now black as I’ve fully embraced the darkness. I wear a black Victorian dress with long sleeves, a medium-length skirt, a tail, & a lace corset collar (the collar looks something like this: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/536632111841797708/?lp=true). The accessories I use are a wristlet with black pearls & two blood-red roses, a matching necklace, a pair of black lace gloves, & a decorated blood-red rose eye patch. My weapon of choice is an elegant, black parasol with a sharp tip.

    • I can manipulate shadows & summon creatures within them. I can also use said shadows to pull my enemies into an endless world of darkness & have them tainted enough to control them.
    • I can read anyone’s minds. This allows me to create a creature from the darkness that would leave them struck with fear.
    • I can teleport anywhere I wish to go instantaneously.
    • I can create portals.
    • I can use my parasol to protect myself from numerous attacks, especially non-physical ones.
    • My great wisdom & power allows me to lead a massive army of powerful beings.

    Reasons why I’m qualified to become a Black Mage commander:
    • The Mortem Alliance has powerful beings from all over Maple World, thus we can make strategically plan attacks on our enemies.
    • The Mortem Alliance has powerful members with a variety of skills. Some have super strength, bear different forms of psychic abilities, have super speed, etc. We’re aware that it is best to be diverse so that we can fulfill our tasks with ease. We’ve also pledged our loyalty to you, oh Great One, so worry not about the possibility of betrayal.
    • I have a brilliant plan to weaken the Alliance. I’ve mentioned in my tragic backstory that my people & I were experimented on in a building deep within Leafre. I plan to use this building & everything within it to reveal to the Alliance that Empress Aria & Cygnus are the vilest rulers in existence.

    Conclusion: Oh, Great One, I hope you choose me as one of your commanders, The Mortem Alliance & I will do anything to please you, including sacrificing our own members. Even if don’t choose me to be a commander, I hope we can form an alliance. No matter what, we shall support you.