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Unit Damage Skin.... yikes

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So I recently opened up some Damage Skin boxes from the Alliance shop and got my hands on one Foggy Damage Skin (Unit). I knew what unit damage skins were like in KMS, so I was interested in seeing how they ended up porting it over to GMS. And... well...


To give a really simplified explanation:

In English, to break down bigger numbers, we usually partition the digits in threes using commas: a billion would be 1,000,000,000. In Korea, to break down bigger numbers, they partition it into fours: a billion becomes 10억0000만0000. Still 9 zeroes, just separated in different ways. Here, the 억 refers to a value of 100,000,000 and 만 refers to a value of 10,000. In KMS, unit damage skins put the 억 and the 만 between digits, like so:


So instead of something like 311528805, they'd get 3억1152만8805 and they can easily parse how much damage they're doing.

And when they brought this over to GMS... well, you can see from the top image. But basically they translated the 억 and 만 values directly to 00,000,000 and 0,000, so Koreans' 3억1152만8805 becomes 3 00,000,000 1152 0,000 8805 for us.

So, uh, yeah, it would be nice if you guys could come up with a better way to handle unit damage skins instead of leaving this as is.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited January 2019
    Thank you for the detailed explanation of what's happening with this skin. I have forwarded it.
  • OccireOccire
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    Sorry for bumping an old-ish thread, but this seemed like the most appropriate place for this. Did anyone else who did get a Foggy Damage Skin (Unit) or the other one (Labyrinth Flame?) have their saved damage skin converted to a non-unit version? And the unit versions are no longer listed in the potential items for the damage skin boxes. I don't think I recall reading about this on any maintenance notes, though I might've missed something, but if not, it seems like this issue got swept under the rug instead of fixed.

    This is pretty disappointing, but unit damage skins would be great if they were done properly.
  • EpigenesisEpigenesis
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    I can corroborate that my stored unit damage skin was converted to a non-unit version (now I just have two Foggy Damage Skins stored). My conclusion now is that unit damage skins were never meant to go live in the first place and this was just an oversight (considering I don't think we've ever gotten the basic unit skin either).
  • SionneSionne
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    Or why can't we have just actual KMS version of damage skin with unit with Korean character in it (억, 만)? we even have Japanese Kanji Damage skin.