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I want to login soon...

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Quick suggestion, listen or not is completely up to you (duh...)
please make Burning Event a periodic event or, better yet, a monthly event.
I do not worry about how you or other players think of me,
but I prefer not wasting so much time leveling up a character or spending hours and hours just to be reading through the same stories or running same quest lines,
it is a very different story (different, by the number of hours) when there is Burning around.

Of course, opinions on how to enjoy Mapling while Burning is not around are 100% welcome,
but organized, logical responses emphasizing the good parts of non-Burning then comparing those to Burning would be much more helpful and appreciated.
I just think it is very difficult to find non-Burning times more favorable or preferred than Burning, but you are welcome to try convincing me otherwise.

To Maple Team.
  1. Burning how often4 votes
    1. Monthly
       0% (0 votes)
    2. Bi-monthly
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Annually
       0% (0 votes)
    4. Semi-Annually
       50% (2 votes)
    5. Weekly (or basically permanent)
       25% (1 vote)
    6. Never thought about it (aka IDC lol)
       25% (1 vote)


  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    While I love burning events, they shouldn't become common place. That ruins the whole point of why they release them. a Bit of a "fire" starter in players that come back and burn to 200. (Tera burning is now a thing) So Id stick with the 2-3 times a year schedule that seems to be the norm for burnings now.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    Burning only covers leveling up to 150.
    That is such a tiny part of the game.
    At 150 you don't yet have all your skills, you are still blocked from many areas of the world, and you can't challenge most bosses. If you Burn to 150 you also get there too fast to experience much of the lower-level content available to you, or find any interesting gear.

    Everybody has their own way of enjoying Maplestory. Some people enjoy leveling as high as they can get; some enjoy getting stronger and challenging tougher bosses; some like to explore and quest; some like to customize their characters; some enjoy merching to get rich as possible; some do all events religiously; some just socialize.
    But if the only part of Maplestory you enjoy is leveling new characters 1-150, and even that is only tolerable to you at triple speed, then maybe this just isn't a game for you to play regularly or often. Even if we had continuous Burning, you'd just run out of character slots or get bored of seeing the same maps over and over on different characters.
  • HHG1HHG1
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    1-150 is already easy enough. We don't need constant burning.
    I vote keep burning exclusive to larger events/patches like we already have, which isn't an option in your poll.
    Also why'd you make two threads about the same thing on the same day? You've also made several threads in the past about how the game isn't worth playing without burning and how you don't wanna bother getting past 150 because you think it's repetitive and time consuming.
    I took the liberty of compiling your main points:
    I think getting past more levels after 150 would be too much of a drag
    To get me playing, I just need... BURNING PROJECT, NO BURNING, NO PLAYING
    I usually only play when there is a Burning Project event
    no Burning and yes Burning makes the main difference

    There is a buttload of varying content even within the 150 range that you can do, and even more afterwards. Anything below level 200 is just considered the tutorial stage of MapleStory these days.
    Nothing wrong with just playing during burning events, but don't expect Nexon to change the entire game just because you can't be bothered to play it at a normal pace after that. If anything they should decrease Burning events to prevent people from getting spoiled to this point.
  • TrystarrTrystarr
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    I mean, burning already happens so often the last couple years that I can't even justify making a new character outside of those 3-4 annual time frames.. I think allowing for 1 burn character every month or second month per acc would allow for everyone to benefit from burning events, as opposed to just players who decided to log on in January instead of March. It is definitely more accommodating to more players as the leave-and-comeback process is common for maplers. It also provides leeway for players who jump back into the game outside a conventional burning events, and prevents excessive exploiting of the event by limiting the burn character to 1 every 30-60 days. This is contrasted to the idea of constant burning where players could make all their links in a month, as well as contrasted from the current situation where only new people/returning players/link mules benefit from the time saving burn event if they join on a certain month. It seems arbitrary.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    I don't think burning events should be more commonplace. It's already gotten to the point where there are nearly 8 in a year and any more would just be ridiculous. Not only that, but it's becoming a slippery slope from what I can see. The original burning events were where you could pick any sub-100 character on a world to burn, and the burning stopped at 100. Then mega burning started to be the apparent go-to for every instance, which takes you up to 150(151 technically) but requires you to create a wholly new character for it. Now tera burning is a thing that exists, and that carries you all the way to 200 and 5th job.

    What's the next step on this downhill stumble? Permanent mega-burning? And then what after that? A refusal to log in if there isn't a tera-burn in progress? And after that? Permanent tera-burn? At that point you may as well just go play on a private server or something if you want to bum rush as many characters to as high a level as you can in as little time as possible. If you "can't find a reason to log in" unless a burn event is ongoing, that's a shortcoming on your end of things, and not a problem nexon should go out of their way to cater to.
  • TrystarrTrystarr
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    edited April 2019
    I mean, burning already happens so often the last couple years that I can't even justify making a new character outside of those 4-5 annual time frames.. I think allowing for 1 burn character every second month would allow for everyone to benefit from burning consisting, as opposed to just players who decided to log on again in January instead of March. Definitely don't think it should go past 200. 150-200 is still viewed as 'tutorial' levels anyway.. but I don't think the time restraint should be a thing, rather just how often you can do it.. it's such a huge advantage to the game and its at the point where alot of ppl expect 3 lvls per lvl if they're making a link or mule. The current state deters people from making new characters outside the burning time frames and my suggestion would fix that while not letting people exploit it.