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Increase Fury Totem availability

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I feel, as a player of this game for many years, that Fury Totem should be available enough that people can grind hard every day even without conforming to 2-PC Meta. A lot of your paying customers feel the same way Nexon. I'll be voicing my suggestions as someone who wants to come play on Reboot [and spend money on cosmetics] but I do NOT want to use 2 computers and I do not want to grind with crappy spawn. I would rather keep my money than do that.

Fury Totem should be available thru multiple avenues that are more than just a singular totem from events. I think we get like 2 from fairy bros per month, we got ONE from the event shop that was in the crossworld shop, for the duration of the event. What I would like to see is 1 totem per day from the regular crossworld shop for 50 points. So if players team up and do 5 party quests together they will get the 2 hour long fury totem which is a decent amount for the adult playerbase to use. I would love to see the time doubled as well but I doubt you guys will give us that.

Please just hear me out, a lot of people do not want to play this game because of the 2PC Meta, among other changes you've made to the game like the removal of the ghost ship emblem [badge]. It has to change if you want to retain your playerbase and profits. I won't be spending any money in Reboot until I can play there comfortably at least spawn-wise.


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Sounds like a decent suggestion. Especially with how Nexon seems to want to phase out Frenzy Totems.
    This benefits Reboot as well, the only downside is that Nexon can't stall people out by making them refuse to slow grind.
    A downside that only affects Nexon and I wouldn't even call it one.
    While we're revamping Party Quests like this, Symbol Selects, NodeStones and maybe droplets might also be a good idea for the shop.
    Of course limit these items to only (X) a day/week so people can't cheat the system.
  • AllowedAllowed
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    I fine with this even tho i am a Kanna main.

    And for people who says it will cause server instability.

    It's not kishin/frenzy/fury who causes server instability but the huge amount of bots/hacks are the problem.

    Yes, Nexon blames it on the spawn enchancers but nexon just don't want to admit they have a huge bot/hacks problem.

  • BeefBeef
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    Making Crossworld viable
  • MageOfBattlesMageOfBattles
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    I'd love to see fury totem become more accessible. And using it as an incentive to do unused content is even better.
  • GenkaiX1GenkaiX1
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    and while you're at it make CWPQ connect Bera, Scania, Aurora, and Elysium.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    GenkaiX1 wrote: »
    and while you're at it make CWPQ connect Bera, Scania, Aurora, and Elysium.

    It does.
    Cross World PQ, as its name suggests, allows players from all worlds of a region (even Reboot, which you didn't list) to play together.