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  • Penguinz0 wrote: » In terms of contents of the game, it's definitely not healthy with devs making horrendous decisions left and right, such as huge familiar revamp failure and god awful gollux changes. BUT the economy of the game is most definitel…
  • I couldnt care less about this. You know what though? I care that you care. This is important to you and many others. This should be implemented, and potable badges need to be re-implemented. It doesnt effect me in the least, because i already have …
  • stop logging back in. if they autoban you for "suspicious activity" , you will have to wait longer than the loading screen to get back to your account. wait it out.
  • I had my unique, golden dragon familiar, deranked to epic.
  • Did any of you get banned during the last time this happened? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/148720708141187072/731533911238115408/transparency_where.png they promised this would never happen again. Part of the reason i pushed to finally do …
  • Ghiblee wrote: » Please see below for the ban data covering: 07/02/2020 - 07/08/2020 Ban reason: Advertisement Number of characters banned: 49 Number of accounts banned: 49 Ban reason: Misconduct Number of characters banned: 506 Number o…
  • Still no word on the false bans either. I am a longtime player, who got banned after charging karma koin for dmt. They said i was using third party tools, but i know its a bs claim. I have two mains that i have been working on for years. I literally…
    in Where's Anna? Comment by Sengara July 8
  • LWayra wrote: » ¡Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening! This time I come on behalf of all people false prohibition from June 10 until today. MANY of us were banned for a false accusation (hacking or ilegal use of party-third programs) after the R…
  • Keishuo wrote: » Has anyone heard anything or been unbanned yet? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/148720708141187072/729422188771541103/unknown.png nope. only sent this crap
  • chocochitas wrote: » BANNED FOR NO REASON JUST AFK. CHARACTER NAME: CHOCOCHITAS WORLD: BERA JOB: ANGELIC BUSTER LEVEL : 184 Last log was during miracle time, made some potions at ardent, claimed maple relay rewards, bought a 30 red cube…
  • Have been accused of using hacking programs when it took nearly a whole 3 minutes for the laggy as **** servers to add the nx code to my account. I only had my browser and discord open. I have had this account for 12 ENTIRE years. not a single ban…
  • I redeemed karma koin on the website, and bought a couple of pack of cubes during dmt. I used a few cubes in ardent, got dced , and was asked to log into the entire client all over again.The popup message said i was disconnected for suspicious activ…
  • Charged nx during miracle time, and got disconnected when i was cubing. Says i was using an illegal program. Now all that i charged for miracle time is going to 100% waste. I am furious. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/148720708141187072/729…