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  • Damien: -While I agree with you that Damien is extremely buggy, I think the extra swords don't come from deaths. It seems like they appear from people having bad connection, and can spawn even without dying. -It's definitely annoying, but the tele…
  • WONDERGUY wrote: » non-reboot allways did ''faster speedruns" don't know what math you talk about and you can see people without frenzy/fs dont even bother now go more then 272 reboot by nature of farming got kannas with higher lvl that helps …
  • WONDERGUY wrote: » Sam016 wrote: » Even if a person is f2p and earnestly farms in normal server, they cannot keep up with reboot server. As the above person says, no matter how much we pay to win (frenzy, firestarter, whatever else) we will st…
  • Fuhreak wrote: » Sam016 wrote: » If we're going to go off of what people's mindset is doing to gameplay, I guess we might as well just remove party play entirely too. Ranking affecting a mindset does not mean it affects gameplay. Just as the so…
  • Mikulover wrote: » In KMS a guy in a non-reboot world beat reboot to the first spot of getting 275 so keep the rankings to give the non-reboot guys the fire they need. This is probably because KMS Reboot is dead compared to GMS Reboot, so there…
  • While the ranking system seems to serve as a pretty important way to track progress and make achievements, its hard to prove the point that the competition it inspires doesn't form any sort of toxic behavior. And while I don't think this is ever po…
  • I doubt this would promote party training. People don't avoid party training because of the shared drops; they avoid it because nowadays a single person can easily clear an entire map and one shot kill enemies, and partying with other players would …
  • Mira wrote: » It has nothing to do with Lucid. It has to do with the fact that the servers are **** right now, so doing anything will disconnect you. Lucid just happens to be a really bad place since there are a lot of people doing a lot of damage…
  • NVM... Just found out I was being stupid and the rewards were being given as you accept them, not through a box. I guess this is more of a text bug.