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  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    non-reboot allways did ''faster speedruns" don't know what math you talk about
    and you can see people without frenzy/fs dont even bother now go more then 272
    reboot by nature of farming got kannas with higher lvl that helps them in non-reboot not many got them so it's mostly on frenzy

    I provided clear math with sources and explanation. I really can't tell if you actually don't understand the simple math I've done or if you're trolling. The #1 reboot player has gained 1.88x more exp than the #1 non-reboot player, and a 2x coupon will not flip the tables. You act like none of the #1 players from non-reboot have spent money. In fact, its probably the opposite; those players have spent tons of money on frenzy totems, exp potions, firestarter rings, etc.... otherwise, they wouldn't be the top people. You make it sound like they just charge nx to their account and instantly reach level 275; but obviously this isn't true.

    Also what are you on about people not going about level 272? This depends on the person, and nobody from GMS is even at level 272 yet so I'm not sure where you've gotten this idea.

    Frenzy is actually better than kishin, and all of the top rank non-reboot worlds have frenzy totems, so by your logic (if they were equal), non-reboot should be faster(although clearly isn't).

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    i think msea took them down for update aswell and said they will add them back
    and i belive nexon wants to make it new a bit better and more expensive coupons for 250+

    Do you have any sources for this? Valid arguments don't come from "i think this will happen..." but from logic and direct statements from Nexon.
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    i dont argue you should read aswell some maplers wanted split on ranking
    when ranking are allready splited to reboot/non-reboot and both
    its all about that "both" that its only extra and shouldnt be that big of a issue (discord bot can do same )

    Except I have read the thread? I've commented about the actual topic of the thread (the both tab), meanwhile, you're just looking to argue about which server gets more exp.

    As a side note if you're just too lazy to type coherent sentences then I wouldn't even bother arguing; nobody can understand you and will not take you seriously. If English isn't one of your strong languages, perhaps recruit help from somebody that speaks your native language and English because it's incredibly hard to understand you and take you seriously when I've read more coherent ideas from elementary school students.
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    Sam016 wrote: »

    Even if a person is f2p and earnestly farms in normal server, they cannot keep up with reboot server. As the above person says, no matter how much we pay to win (frenzy, firestarter, whatever else) we will still not keep up.

    As for the ranking, ever since the release of reboot in KMS, it has been a separate ranking because they understand the servers are playing under entirely separate playing fields. Every server as far as I am aware has a separated reboot ranking. The only exception being GMS

    not true
    non-reboot can do much faster
    but to achieve that needs $$$$ (why marvel/philo/dmt its "popular"?)
    its only about time when they fix 3x/2x coupons and see non-rebooters rates explode (if non-rebooters still baits for that $$$)

    also you compare kms and gms when it's like non-reboot and reboot like you say

    after all still why all that matter when you got your own non-reboot ranking ?

    Why do you think that non-reboot can get to 275 much quicker? Have you taken a look at rankings?
    Here are the current statistics for how much exp the #1 player from each server has gotten so far since the level cap has been raised:
    Non-Reboot: 9,935,287,229,047
    Reboot: 18,771,699,907,600

    For those of you who are too lazy to do the math, the #1 player from Reboot is 1.89x faster currently. Being ahead grants an exponential lead by allowing them to gain access to higher exp-granting mobs earlier, so this multiplier will likely increase.

    You argue that if nexon activates 2x cash shop coupons above level 250 that non-reboot would be faster. First, face the facts; nexon has made it clear that they don't work on level 250+, and there is no indication that this will change.

    But I'll humor you, lets say they do add 2x cash shop. Well then it looks like non-reboot would be better right? 2x their curent exp is higher than Reboot's? The simple answer is No, this is not true. You can't just take the raw exp and multiply it by 2x, because a huge portion of that exp was granted by additive exp sources (exp potions, mercedes link, zero card, legion, runes, burning field) which are unaffected by multiplicative sources(such as cash shop cards). Rather more likely is that Reboot will still be ahead.

    Although it should be noted (and you should do some re-reading) that the point of this thread isn't to argue over which server levels faster; as the rates are clear. Nobody here is necessarily saying that this should be fixed... rather they want rankings to be changed/stay the same.

    EDIT: sources for information are below
    EXP From levels 1-250, 250-257, and 250-261
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Sam016 wrote: »
    If we're going to go off of what people's mindset is doing to gameplay, I guess we might as well just remove party play entirely too.
    Ranking affecting a mindset does not mean it affects gameplay. Just as the solo meta does not directly affect party play.
    It merely makes people avoid certain things. Don't blame rankings for something the players are doing to themselves.

    The better comparison would be that you don't remove solo play because of solo meta.
    Just like you don't remove rankings because of player's mindset.

    Pretty poor analogy... people choose to train solo because it's more efficient. Party play is something that people may find fun still. People don't "choose" to be on combined/split rankings, they're forced into whatever Nexon decides on.

    While party play vs solo is a choice of gameplay and efficiency, combined rankings is not a choice and has an effect on the mindset of non-reboot training and the toxic comparisons from reboot players that feel "superior." Even without toxic comparisons, seeing players that put in equal amounts of time to reach exponentially higher levels is just demoralizing for non-reboot players.
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Mikulover wrote: »
    In KMS a guy in a non-reboot world beat reboot to the first spot of getting 275 so keep the rankings to give the non-reboot guys the fire they need.

    This is probably because KMS Reboot is dead compared to GMS Reboot, so there were likely much less people fully committed to getting level 275.

    In comparison to GMS, KMS doesn't have frenzy totem or kishin. Since GMS Reboot only has kishin and frenzy is better than kishin, the gap between GMS Reboot and Non-reboot exp rates is much larger than the gap between KMS Reboot and Non-reboot exp rates
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    While the ranking system seems to serve as a pretty important way to track progress and make achievements, its hard to prove the point that the competition it inspires doesn't form any sort of toxic behavior. And while I don't think this is ever possible to solve, including two groups in which one has a clear advantage over the other can easily further this toxicity.

    A point that is commonly overlooked is that shared rankings belittle the achievement of regular server players. Thinking back to some of the past level caps, players at the top of the leaderboards felt accomplished for obvious reasons: in a fair game, they performed better than others. Rankings gave a clear sense of achievement and allowed players to share their achievements in a civilized manner and show other players their commitment to their goals. As seen in the current standings(which likely will further progress down the "Reboot domination path" over time) regular players who put in as much, if not more, work than other players are shoved down the rankings for their achievements to be belittled.

    If it is absolutely necessary to keep the "both" tab, here are two potential suggestions I can propose for choosing which is the default: (1) Have no default - Prompt players upon loading the web page asking which they server they would like to see, (2) Base which server type is shown first on players' "main characters" -- the old system that seems to be recently removed.

    As mentioned already above, SadVirgin proposed the KMS ranking system be brought to GMS and expressed the obvious benefits of it in another thread, and I think its harder to explain how simple and useful that system is in a better way than SadVirgin already has.