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December 11, 2000


  • AKradian wrote: » Thank you for reporting this. It has been forwarded. I thank you. I always want a better game, without hackers, without bugs ... everything that happens I write here.
  • Hello Maple Community! Today, I logged in my kanna and used Tengu Strike. The 2nd part of this skill (lightning with 100% criticals isn't being cast. Just the 1st part. Thank you
  • Thank you! Now I'm more calm. I was afraid of getting banned. Everything that i do "wrong" I think I'm going to take a ban or something like that, because it's my personality, I'm insecure. Like in this case, I bought some black crystals from one go…
  • Arlong wrote: » nexon doesn't usually give bans over buying from hackers unless it is a severe case. That is subjective tho. It's always best to be safe than sorry. A hacker doesnt need to bot and mine for black crystals they can just dupe them …
  • MigiSouthpaw wrote: » just saying that ppl would still buy them from the botters cause they sell them for cheap in big quantities however its still a good idea if you want to negotiate the price for an item but in my opinion i just wanna sell m…
  • As I said I bought some black crystals from this big amout. Is this a reason for ban? (I think it was black crystal of hacker)
  • bootlicker wrote: » If they farm them on all their characters every day it would be all that hard to amass that amount rather quickly. It may be their major way to making money in the game. I've never seen anyone bot mining especially since they a…
  • Arlong wrote: » 7000 is definitely suspicious. i hoard a lot and even i only have like under 2000 of any refined plate or crystal. I don't have safety mode so i can summon familiar just fine so I don't know what it is probably a hacker did that …
  • And what about the good maps for farming? (with a kishin help)
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » Luminous and demon slayer are alright, night lord as well. Phantoms used to be able to farm with arrow blaster, not sure anymore. Why Phantom isn't good anymore?
  • Neospector wrote: » You shouldn't hunt the bosses spawned by hackers. It can be seen as benefiting from the hackers and therefore against the TOS. Ok, I'll tell it to my friends. I usually do not hunt them, but if some hacker spawn I will not k…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » I can vouch that this is a real bug, im dropping all my coupons cause dont want to risk getting punished for having these I didn't drop the coupons yet. Now I cannot enter Maplestory, but I only used 3 of them, because I …
  • I used only 3 coupons for avoid ''cheating''. I really love Maplestory, I'm from Brazil, and I played the Brazilian Version, that had gone on 2011... It was my first game, and this is my FAVOURITE GAME. I hate cheating or something like that. I do n…
  • Now I changed character and come back to my main character, and I got more coupons. It's basically infinite
  • I played with Kanna yesterday and on October the 27th. And yesterday my friend warned me about that, so I stopped using Kanna. But this bans are Instant Bans or it comes in a time? Because now I can enter in maplestory normally. So, I don't know if …
  • Guys, my problem fixed as I said, but now people is having the same issue. Look at that: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/14647/nexon-launcher-wont-open#latest
  • Hello guys! So, I got this problem last week. So I couldn't play by 1 week (October the 18th-25th). On october the 25th, my Nexon Launcher opened by itself, it basically fixed automatically. So, in my opinion, if you can't fix it, wait a little bit.…
  • pandabunnies wrote: » White_Shadow wrote: » Wow wow wow. It fixed by itself. I'm downloading maplestory right now. If any error appaers I'll tell you here. But now my nexon launcher opened, but in my windows taskbar the Nexon Launcher Icon isn't…
  • Wow wow wow. It fixed by itself. I'm downloading maplestory right now. If any error appaers I'll tell you here. But now my nexon launcher opened, but in my windows taskbar the Nexon Launcher Icon isn't appearing correctly, is appearing one ''paper''…
  • If I use Steam can I access my account that I play? (I do not have steam)