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  • Chinese players should be playing the Chinese service of Maplestory. http://mxd.sdo.com/web5/index/index.html?nxid=6
    in Language Comment by AKradian May 10
  • Mawg wrote: » I just got one from the Fairy Bros daily 1 hour attendance event. Now, if I could only figure out how to chat with it :-/ Equip it and use all chat (default key "1"). Make sure you're not wearing another chat ring in another s…
  • Please contact Customer Support at http://support-maplestory.nexon.net
  • Regarding Monster Collection: It's not a fixed number of kills. The exact rate of collection is not known, but lower level monsters are much easier to collect than high level ones. The Spores of Maple Island aren't in the Monster Collection. Onl…
  • The Hieizan Temple was changed in the v221 patch. The accessories are no longer awarded by the prequest, but rather drop from Princess No. The role-play only needs to be completed once to unlock access to the boss. For further details, see http…
  • Please create a Customer Support Request (ticket) at http://support-maplestory.nexon.net
  • Pets whose duration can't be extended, can't be taught any skills or have their names changed. This is so people don't complain that Nexon baited them into spending cash on a pet that's doomed to disappear.
  • Storage expansions can take up to a few hours to register. Please check again later, and if by tomorrow your slots are still not unlocked, make a Customer Support Request (ticket) at http://support-maplestory.nexon.net
  • There is also a Choice hair coupon in the cash shop, which allows you to choose from among 10 styles (some new, some old). I agree it's not as good as the old VIP system (which had way more than 10 styles to choose from). As for knowing when the…
  • If you are in the Netherlands, this is currently a known issue that is being investigated.
  • The surprise boxes are available through a quest in your star notifier. As for the items in the shop, they still list their regular prices (this is intended), and won't let you purchase unless you have enough NX on your account (this is a bug) - …
  • Are you from the Netherlands? There is currently an issue with some Dutch players where permanent NX items seem to disappear. Nexon says the items are still on the character or in inventory, they just don't show up due to a bug. This bug is curre…
  • The issue of the missing items is being looked into. A person on reddit with the problem posted the following response they received from Nexon Customer Support: Ticket response wrote: So what's happened here is that when making changes in accorda…
  • Blocking off Bera would just be a repeat of what happened in 2017. Back then, Scania and Windia were blocked off because they had high population, so people looking for denser population all went to Bera. And then people in Scania and Windia saw t…
  • 1franky51 wrote: » So AKradian wrote in the maple story discord about this instead of engaging with us here. His argument was the last one was a disaster. That’s the argument? What could have fixed the disaster when players made the wrong choice?…
  • You were supposed to level them to 150, and then log in during a specific period to World Leap them to some other world.
  • It's not like we're going to run out of space here...
  • You need to restart your computer. https://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/151/clock-overrun-was-memory-dll-corruption/p1
  • Did you specify in your customer support ticket that the scroll said "100%"? You should reopen the ticket and insist they check the game logs. If a 100% scroll fails they need to restore your item. (As an aside, overalls are inferior to CRA Top…
  • Forum Code of Conduct wrote: Old Maple - Do not create threads pertaining to Old Maple Servers, Legacy Server, Pre-Big Bang Servers, etc. You can talk about previous verions of MapleStory for memories and nostalgia's sake, but discussions surroun…