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  • http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/27705/scheduled-minor-patch-january-11-2018 Possibly being addressed in this minor patch.
  • Best of luck Dax. While it is true you aren't a Reboot main, I still believe you have desirable qualities from both a community and Nexon perspective.
  • Best of luck. Though you have to wonder... is the black mage supporter question actually a scheme concocted by the black mage to collect names of potential leaders or influencers to assassinate.
  • In support of Akradian.
  • Where in game or on Nexons official notes does it explicitly state that atk speed is capped at 2 for all sources. The values of 2 and 0 were determined experimentally and validated via not so *nexon friendly* methods. This appears to be a deviat…
  • I am going to add a point to this discussion. Reboot was added after the flame/additional option system was implemented. Recently there has been a very controversial change to the progression of Reboot characters. The problem lies in the fact …
  • It saddens me to see the current state of the ring. Its a disappointment to veteran players. Hope something good comes out of the discussions. Keep us updated. Thanks, DeathOFKing
  • As a user of the ring it saddens me that it has come down to this. The ring is exceptionally rare in this current game with very few veteran players in possession of it and all you (Nexon) are doing is making your most loyal players question whether…
  • I agree, the Absolute Taste event, simply adds far too much clutter. It should be revised to minimise the number of inventory slots that these event items actually take up. Ideally, the design of the event could change like Akradian mentioned previo…
  • Agreed with Yonax, I do not believe giving Kannas 5% final damage per party member added whilst gutting Haku's strong Magic atk % blessing is a fair balance change. Kanna's own damage relies on Haku's strong magic atk % blessing to be competitive…
  • Are there talks in introducing the CAPTCHA text verification system back into GMS that is currently present in the other versions of the game (KMS, MSEA) ? As far as I am aware they were removed because players used the "Lie Detector" USE item to pe…
  • While I wish to be a part of this testing process (like many others), I don't believe it should be a full public access, but rather a program you can register for. The selection parameters could be forum activity with reference to bugs, active accou…
  • I agree that Meso Explosion is poorly implemented in GMS due to the vast variation of ping between players. Playing from Australia, while I can sometimes cast with almost no delay, majority of the time there is a noticeable stutter between one attac…
  • Wonderful idea, maybe the rewards can be cosmetic covers, or coins like those avatar stamps in FM? not necessarily the same rates of course.
  • Arwoo did brush across it on the live stream which is good and there are discussions and monitoring. However, if we as a player base want to make our voice heard it would be wise to at least share this post with those around us so that more and more…
  • This thread may have been revived by a few individuals, but I think it is due time for a reassessment on the stance of the players as well as a re-evaluation of the Flame and 25 Star systems. Nebulites are have been around for an exceptionally long …