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July 6, 1997


  • The last person to post something on this thread will win only if this thread is locked by a mod :P
  • I don't lag in Event Hall. I replaced my 8-year old Toshiba laptop (Windows Vista Home with an Intel Pentium Processor) with a Dell Inspiron (Windows 7 Pro) running an i5 processor with 8GB RAM. It might be an issue with your computer (OS-related …
  • @Booberpuppy I recently got a new computer and it's running a Windows 7 Pro i5 with 8GB RAM and it's smooth sailing in the Event Hall for me. Although, in Labyrinth 1, it's a bit laggy but I'm able to handle it without severe frame drops disabling m…
  • Darn it. Congratulations to the winners. @OneLetter Hope you hold more of these contests in the future!!
  • Well.. to be fair, Guild Potions come with Blessing of the Guild (which are useful when bossing), but other than that, I don't mind the other variants of Power Elixir because certain events give them out/reward them and it's useful to all players. …
  • @MisterKrekel Yeah, I found that out a week after this thread was created. I changed to a DB though, so now I use Chains of Hell and Final Cut for the 3 second invincibility granted by both skills.
  • @ Yoshumari I see. I replaced my Potent Pierre on my Faf Dag for a Fortuitous Vellum, and I like it because he fires heat laz0rs even if Potent is better than stat :P
  • I would advise you to not play during 2x EXP and DROP because Reboot's lag skyrockets during those times. I'm not sure if that affects server lag, but boy.. is it laggy during 2x in Reboot.
  • @Rexaar Oh, I see.. Thanks dood.
  • @Neospector Thanks for acknowledging my post, but the purpose was not to "name-shame". I just wanted to inform players who have characters in Reboot to not fight Pianus because of this spawn hack. I didn't do this for any other reason than to infor…
  • I got two Mag Hilla souls and one Mag Vellum soul. Farmed at least 30 soul shards for each boss excluding Damien, Lotus, Pink Bean, Magnus, Ursus, Zakum, and Arkarium.
  • Data Execution Prevention, you mean? I had that problem on my old latop (Windows Vista Home Edition) but I recently got a new computer (Windows 7 Pro), and so far, DEP hasn't been shutting down Maple at all, yet. I clicked the second option and adde…
  • Advice: Don't play on Channel 1. If all channels are experiencing the same problem, wait 30-60 minutes and then try again. I still have not run into this issue, yet still see many people complaining about it in the Bug Reporting section.
  • @MakazeKiba Gotta love that copy-paste from Aggraphine's post on the thread about requesting that regular GMS players be the testers before the Dec 15 update
  • There's Transparent Claw (drops from Homunculus) and the Purple & Green Blazing Swords (Green drops from Serf). You could also look for cool stuff to fuse your equips with like the Royal Von Leon overalls and capes. All in my opinion though..
  • They're neglecting it atm, and they will get to it when they can (which probably means another 3-4 months).
  • @Saygo Gotta love this copy-paste from every other "apology" you guys have ever posted. Your Customer Support Department does this, Aletai (the person who posts news and updates on the main site) does this. Enough with the superficial, fake apolo…
  • Questions for @Saygo: Will Gollux be fixed and become available once more before or by the time 5th job is available? What will be done about the "Disconnected for the HACK Reason" notice that is falsely given to legit players? When will Event Hall …
  • Best thing I got was Tyrant Lycaon (Thief) Boots, double marveled, got 2 Summerroid (F) Coupons. fml, bruh.. Other things worth mentioning (aside from Androids and inventory slot coupons): Black Cube (3), Black Cube Bonus Potential Cube (3), Bonus …
  • Oh... I guess you're right. I logged onto my new explorer on a different computer and it loaded perfectly fine. I was able to see the cutscene with the youtube watermark and everything. Thanks! But now the problem is.... How do I fix this? I'm no…