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July 6, 1997
  • Best memories with maplestory?

    1. Fighting old event bosses and monsters.

    In 2009, there was a Chinese New Year Lucky Bag monster in the Nautilus, and I solo'ed it with an Archer (it took around 2 hours, I think). No one else was around, so I was able to redeem all of the drops with the Maple Administrator.

    Also, seeing people swarming Big Puff Daddy that would spawn on the staircase outside of Kerning City hair salon. So many unique event monsters and bosses pre-Big Bang. At least we still get to fight Turkeys around Thanksgiving time.

    2. Exploring Amoria and getting to the end, only to find out that there was an NPC for the Wedding Party Quest. I also tried fighting the Sakura Cellions at the top of the first mob map, but would mostly loot the mesos if the high-leveled player(s) that were training didn't pick them up.

    The "Beauty or Beast" quest was also fun to do. 25 Squishy Liquids and RNG. The first time I did it, I was playing as a female character and I got the Stella hairstyle (female afro). Eventually, I made a Night Walker in 2008 and got Orange Antagonist (had the default Orange Rebel hairstyle). Many Sins had that hairstyle, and I assume most spent NX to get it, but I was lucky.

    3. Noob Training Camp, and in general, the Beginner tutorial back before Wizet was acquired by Nexon Korea. The green outfit you would wear and the monsters you would see and could fight (Leatty) are so nostalgic.

    4. The Legacy UI. Everything was simple and easy to navigate (the HP and MP bars). I don't like the UI now because I occasionally die when fighting bosses because of the center-of-screen HP/MP box.

    I have so many more memories of pre-BB MapleStory, including a "Maple GF" that I met in Happyville with my Night Walker. She was three or four years older than me (I was 13 at the time). Looking back on it now, that was a weird but memorable time.
  • data exception protection

    Data Execution Prevention, you mean? I had that problem on my old latop (Windows Vista Home Edition) but I recently got a new computer (Windows 7 Pro), and so far, DEP hasn't been shutting down Maple at all, yet.
    I clicked the second option and added GameLauncher.exe to the whitelist (it should appear as "GameLauncher MFC (Korean characters)).
  • Maplestory V Update Stream: Question Thread

    Questions for @Saygo:
    Will Gollux be fixed and become available once more before or by the time 5th job is available?
    What will be done about the "Disconnected for the HACK Reason" notice that is falsely given to legit players?
    When will Event Hall lag be fixed? I saw in SorrowfulM's YouTube video that the V Coin Shop is also in the Event Hall
    What's the issue with Commerci?

    what will happen if i am not lv 200 by the time the 5th job update starts. will i still be able to make the 5th job?
    The 5th job content does not require you to become level 200 by the time the update goes live. You can level up to 200 and still be able to access Arcane River and have your character to advance to 5th job.

  • Bug on skill "Bear Reborn"

    Bug summary: Whenever I'm fighting a boss with Bear Reborn (Beast Tamer Fort skill) able to be activated and I die, the game softlocks me as dead but doesn't give me the option to revive so I'm stuck as a ghost in the boss room even if there are remaining respawns left.

    Steps to reproduce: It's happened multiple times in the easy Hilla boss fight and I just had it happen in Normal Horntail fight. I've purposefully proced the skill on normal maps and its worked there.

    Character name: bowlsaysmew
    Level: 177
    job: Beast Tamer
    world: Broa
    Date and time: its happened multiple times since I've been playing during the v update (I don't know if it was an issue before then as well because I made the Beast tamer to burn for the event) Most recently happened around 10:30pm oct.12th pst
    From what I've seen, Beast Tamer is rarely available for character creation because of all the bugs that comes along with it. Unfortunately, there probably are fixes for those bugs but NexonNA has yet to implement them or has completely neglected the class since its release in GMS.

  • Get Up to 15% Bonus NX!

    But i along with many many others whom are waiting on the stability of the servers to be handled.
    This is not the place to discuss that.
    Regardless, the reason for the unscheduled maintenance that took place today from 7AM-2PM PST was to apply back-end fixes to the servers in order to relieve the server lag."