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July 6, 1997
  • Pre-registration Beauty Box disappeared after use

    Bug type: Use Item, Functionality

    Brief bug summary: I opened the Pre-registration Beauty Box on my level 10 Beast Tamer. When I double-clicked on the box after I had claimed it from the Gift box Icon, it disappeared (shown in picture below). I think the same thing would have happened if I had claimed any of the other Pre-registration gift boxes and used them.


    More details: NONE of the Pre-registration boxes have a label that warns the player to NOT CLAIM either of the gift boxes if the character they are currently logged in as is neither at or below Lvl 61. Even though this page says "only characters lvl 61 and above can receive the gift boxes", my character was able to. (http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/47820/updated-june-12-earn-rewards-in-return-to-adventure) ?_?

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Log into game with a character that is not Lvl 61 or above.

    2. Claim the Pre-registration Beauty Box (or any of the Pre-registration Gift Boxes) from the Gift Box Icon on left side of the screen.

    3. Use the Pre-registration Beauty Box (or any of the Pre-registration Gift Boxes) from Use item inventory.

    4. Watch the gift box you were not allowed to claim disappear before your eyes with nothing appearing in its place in the Use/Cash item inventories.

    Character name: LoveMeFeedMe

    Character level: 10

    Character job: Beast Tamer

    World name: BROA

    Date and time of the incident: June 12, 2019 1:25PM PDT
  • MapleStory Community Survey - my responses

    You roasted them good, my nqa. 10/10. I support all the answers you gave for the survey. I'm glad to see you are still actively involved with the community and letting everyone know what's going on with the game and NexonNA staff.

    Thank you.
  • New Years Store

    My god.. I can't believe that so many people thought the shop was going to be open during their timezone's time and not during server time.
    The countdown timer was running on server time too, so it's kind of your fault for zipping in and out of the map and not checking the timer.
    Good thing I didn't read the announcement by OneLetter since I haven't been on these forums for 3 weeks or else I would've been screwed over too :|
    Anyways, to those who missed the shop: You didn't miss much because the trait items and Onyx Apples were unbuyable (at least for me they were) and the Explorer Hair and Face Coupons don't work on Beast Tamer. The only good thing in the shop was the five 30-minute 3x EXP coupons.
    GG. You got Nexon'd :^)
  • Bug on equip(Gold Richie's Handkerchief)

    U r mistaken,let make example by another item(Pink Holy Cup-drop by pink bean)all stat +5,mp/mp+50,magic att/weapon att +5,the att increase 8275 for me.
    but Gold Richie's Handkerchief att increase 5011.
    *Stone of Eternal Life - all stat and both att+3 = 7034 att increasing
    *Pink Holy Cup - all stat and both att+5 = 8275 att increasing
    *Gold Richie's Handkerchief - all stat and both att+7 = 5011 att increasing
    im 100% sure it a bug or mistake or whatever.
    Is your character currently equipped with either two, three, or even four or more of the following: Silver Blossom Ring, Condensed Power Crystal, Aquatic Eye Accessory, Crystal Ventus Badge, Royal Black Metal Shoulder, Horntail Necklace, Chaos Horntail Necklace?
    These equips (along with Pink Holy Cup and Stone of Eternal Life) are all part of the Boss Accessory Set and they give certain extra stat bonuses when equipped with a certain number of equips that are a part of the set.
    If you hold down the right mouse button on any of the equips mentioned above, you will see all of the equips included in the Boss Accessory Set and you will also see below the list, another list of the stat bonuses when wearing a certain number of equips that are part of the set.


    On December 8th, 2016 3pm PST, I think a bug from last year has come back...
    I'm able to create an Explorer, but the problem is the dialogue with Sugar (NPC) onboard The Sangri La. After she asks you what job you want for your character, and after the big exclamation from your character, the screen fades a faint black and then disconnects you and returns you to your computer's home screen with the message, "MapleStory has stopped working." Because of this, I am unable to do the first job advancement for any Explorer class.
    Soon after discovering this bug, I entered a Live Chat with a Customer Support agent (GM Lyiese) and told him/her about my problem. He/she told me to open up the Nexon Launcher and click on the gear and select "Repair Installation" for MapleStory. After that, it still didn't work, and the game generated the same response after I tried logging into that character: disconnect and returned to the computer home screen with the "stopped working" message.

    There is also an indicator that you arrive in Lith Harbor (because I heard a lightbulb quest sound when I attempted to log into that character), but there's a problem with actually spawning and the game displaying properly.
    I'm also sure that this bug was not present before the Unscheduled maintenance that took place today (and even before the V update and the 3 maintenances that followed) because I was able to make an Archer a week before the V update.
    Please fix this bug, preferably before the December 15th maintenance.
    Thank you.