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  • i havent found them either, ive been trying at every even hour mark and cant find one. my friend spotted one but he didnt notice what time the spawn occured.
  • drop rates are trash, i feel your pain in not getting what you want, but the odds were heavily against you if you looked at what items were available. nexon probably sees it as still making money off you with the potential to make more based on how …
  • AKradian wrote: » We do have in-game clocks, at airports. Trouble is, we don't use airships anymore, so we hardly ever pass by a clock. I think the UI should include a clock (which should also display the date and day of the week, e.g. "Monday…
  • The odds of getting a re:zero item are pretty bad, 13/50. Even if you love the anime that's not a gamble worth taking.
  • it's not hard to spot hackers, if they are on one map, odds are there is another on a different channel of the same map. It doesn't sound like it'd be hard to catch them. I'm just assuming the banning process is a long one or maple doesn't have the …
  • Can maple just have an in-game clock? i dont want to have to remember that the time zone isn't one that's normal for a U.S. server when i come back in several months. I know im going to come back and miss something cause of this.
  • BunnySaki wrote: » officerclean wrote: » Re:ZERO Random Box has too much junk in it which reduce the chance to get re:zero items i used 20 boxes and got nothing from re:zero, i think the most of the junk must be removed from the boxes, also nee…
  • Everence wrote: » @seal if still available i would like the tyrant hades cloak, ill get scissors ready, 11pm today then ch 18 henesys skin building. just realized you were probably talking about last monday. names psyky btw
  • @seal if still available i would like the tyrant hades cloak, ill get scissors ready, 11pm today then ch 18 henesys skin building.
  • 13/50 is pretty bad for a RNG box, btw do board people ever come to the rants and raves section? I imagine they wouldn't because it sounds like its a pure complaints section, but I honestly hope they look at it for input, has anyone ever seen a moni…
    in Re:zero Comment by Everence May 2017
  • The SAO and Attack on Titan events didn't follow this pattern, was hoping this wouldn't. Doesn't help I only want 4 items from the box making it a complete waste to try.