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September 5, 1997
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@Ruby and Rune
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I seek to renew forgotten or outdated content, and truly push for a better Maple that has something for all types of Maplers to enjoy.
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Just a long time casual fan of maplestory


  • AKradian wrote: » OK, this is intolerable. The boxes are different between Reboot and non-Reboot, but the medals are available in both? Seriously? You think letting Reboot pay for the mounts is too much, but you'll let them pay for Best-in-Sl…
  • RowEchelon wrote: » Arwoo wrote: » Hi everyone, I'd like to ask everyone to please refrain from insulting others. We understand that this is a sensitive topic and read through the many concerns that you've all voiced. This goes for here on t…
  • The issue with the pricing of these boxes and the NX option on Reboot is being addressed; It may and probably was a typo for 500mil (11) boxes. Rather than 500 mil (1) However we should respond with suggested changes rather than complaining. Yes it…
  • Duscha wrote: » Best in slot items sold via cash shop in Reboot? Horrible idea. 500m for a box is a failed attempt to placate the players. Do not bring this to Reboot as it stands. I believe that the boxes should be in an event shop if there wo…
  • ZamnZaddy wrote: » The fact that the boxes in reboot are 500m each is ludicrous. It's very very obvious that they make it that high to force you into using NX, which is even more bs. Hopefully that was a typo and it's 500mil for 11 boxes and 50…
  • Twinrova wrote: » Arwoo wrote: » Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that our NX cover related list of suggestions were updated and sent. As mentioned, we'll most likely see a lot of these suggestions in the coming rotations after Re:…
  • The raven boss is supposed to drop the key, and you should get a quest bubble of you making sure it's a key
  • Honestly if it were more balanced say 50/50 or even 40/60 between event items and normal items; then I would be completely fine with it. I'd even tolerate more normal items if they were actually "good" maybe even bring back some of the old crossover…
  • I was actually playing on my Phantom last week to level up for link skill boost, and all of a sudden another phantom that was level 74; way to high to just randomly be there showed up in front of me; the game froze, and after it started working i'd …