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  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    If they're going to stay on the route of keeping Reboot from not being able to have the final levels of stats (which isn't something most of us want, but some can at least see the reasoning for.) I would think they should at least make something like this:

    >The following new Familiar cash items will be sold in the Cash Shop for Meso in the Reboot world only:

    Blue Familiar Card: Use to reset Familiar’s Potentials based on the current Familiar Quality Rank. Familiar Quality Rank may increase at a certain chance. If Familiar’s rank increases, its Rank-Up Points will be reset. Item can be used on Common to Unique ranked Familiars.

    Familiar Slot Expansion Coupon: Use to increase the maximum Familiar slot by 5, up to 2,000 slots.

    We have the ability to buy upgraded slots for our inventories and even character slots in Reboot. I don’t understand why we couldn’t buy familiar slots in a similar way. Whether through Henesys shop, the new Familiar System Shop or the Cash Shop.
    And we have cubes as well; so not being able to re-roll potentials on familiars not only would be terrible for the reasons above, but also not make very much sense to restrict just Reboot.
    Again; if they insist on going this route we should at least have a compromise. If this suggestion has any glaring issues please let me know.
  • Please keep P2W out of Reboot

    link37890 wrote: »
    RowEchelon wrote: »
    Arwoo wrote: »
    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to ask everyone to please refrain from insulting others.
    We understand that this is a sensitive topic and read through the many concerns that you've all voiced. This goes for here on the forums and our various fan sites.

    I cannot give the community an immediate response as this is an ongoing internal discussion.
    For the meantime, I ask that everyone remain respectful when discussing with others on the forum.

    Thank you,


    Have you considered removing the medal (and all other non-cosmetic items) from the reboot boxes and add it to the Re:Zero reboot level up event instead?

    Adding the option to buy the medal directly with meso could also be an option.

    500mil for a medal isnt a bad idea, the rest lower the prices, but then again those boxes have roids too

    From what I can understand from the cash shop update; the roids are only available in non-reboot worlds; along with Faf and Sweetwater gear.
    None of those are available on reboot; chairs, mounts, and the medals/titles are what we get. 500mil for one box with that pool is going to turn away
    a lot of people; or make them buy them with NX. BUT that is exactly what we're trying to stop. If even the possibility of being able to buy the medals with money exists it will put players who can't at a disadvantage, open the door for these incidents to happen again with great gear being purchasable with NX on reboot in the future, and it will void what Reboot is mean to be as a world.

    The listed price of 500 mil meso should be reduced; even if it's not a typo. The suggested price of 500mil for 11 boxes and 50mil for one would be more reasonable

    The ability to buy the boxes for NX in reboot should be removed; or remove the medals from the NX boxes.

    Another suggestion would be to make the medals buyable directly; move them to a coin shop ; or add them to the character leveling event that will be going on.

    There are a few ways to go about this, and it is likely that the inner discussion is how to address the issue.
  • Are you kidding me? (Re:zero boxes)

    The issue with the pricing of these boxes and the NX option on Reboot is being addressed; It may and probably was a typo for 500mil (11) boxes. Rather than 500 mil (1)
    However we should respond with suggested changes rather than complaining. Yes it is an issue, and It's understandable to be upset, but keep calm.