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September 5, 1997
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@Ruby and Rune
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I seek to renew forgotten or outdated content, and truly push for a better Maple that has something for all types of Maplers to enjoy.
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Just a long time casual fan of maplestory


  • I was gonna make my own post, but I think it'd be better not to just spam the same topic over and over. I like some of the ideas proposed; especially having all mobs drop various tiers rather than a set one. Though I'll put in my own suggestion as…
  • HHG1 wrote: » Take a moment to consider that we got additional power creep with this patch; familiars with potential. Fairly easy to get, and very powerful bonuses...... That familiar system sure is looking good to make up for the gollux chang…
  • Drop Rates nerfed after patch
  • Everyone every few minutes or so. Some get in; most don't Those who do get in are having many other issues. Surprised we aren't seeing another maintenance yet.
  • Gomenasai wrote: » Albinorock wrote: » Lmao is this your first time playing Maplestory? I've played this game for 15 years and i remember this one time where for a whole week there was a maint going on. Every single day for 7 days straight. It's…
  • If they're going to stay on the route of keeping Reboot from not being able to have the final levels of stats (which isn't something most of us want, but some can at least see the reasoning for.) I would think they should at least make something lik…
  • I've always been one of the crowd that wants Zero in Reboot. Leveling to 180 on non-zero classes even without buffs isn't necessarily that hard to do unless you only play a few hours a week. Buffed by Kishin and 2x? Or even burning? Not to mention m…
  • DaisukeHaruto wrote: » MaplerOver9000 wrote: » I'd add one more page for character slots. I just wanna play em all. Q: What's your greatest Maple achievement? Soloing EasyHorntail! with a 122 Lumi Q: What one Boss do you wish dropped be…
  • Scorci wrote: » Vanishing Journey. Everything is all nice and close together! very satisfying
  • gvnalmanza wrote: » I bought many Re:zero boxes and among those boxes I got the Re:Zero medal. 5 minutes later, the game shuts down. WiIl I lose this medal because of this unscheduled maintenance?? Please respond. There's no roll back; don't w…
  • Okhura wrote: » Game is up Twitter, and the site both haven't updated to say that the game's up tho
  • Watching the maplestory twitter for when the game goes back up
  • AKradian wrote: » Colorcipher wrote: » Not entirely sure how this is P2W, you can buy the random boxes with meso and it won't include specific items. Besides, you'll need to buy a lot of boxes just to get a chance at those items, which I beli…
    in GG nexon Comment by link37890 May 2017
  • They completely removed the medal from reboot entirely
  • Unforgivennn wrote: » link37890 wrote: » They actually had multiple ways to deal with the situation; reducing the random box price; yeah that was a decent change, removing the medal from what seems to be reboot entirely? No; this should not have…
  • They actually had multiple ways to deal with the situation; reducing the random box price; yeah that was a decent change, removing the medal from what seems to be reboot entirely? No; this should not have been the solution. Moving the medal to be av…
  • As of the new patchnotes; the bug will be fixed for the RA boss disconnects tomorrow
  • Just took a look at the patch notes and the RA bit of it has been patched; no news on the Elite Boss treasure mobs though. Patch is tomorrow
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » link37890 wrote: » RowEchelon wrote: » Arwoo wrote: » Hi everyone, I'd like to ask everyone to please refrain from insulting others. We understand that this is a sensitive topic and read through the many concerns t…