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  • Your poll need a forth option: -It's no different It's still the same unforgiving glitchy nonsense as it was before.
  • And if you are playing those mini-games I would suggest investing in those hats, the "Floral Bandana" for guys and the "Floral Ayam" for girls. They're 30 coins that last for 30 days, but they add 2 coins to your earning when playing a mini-game tha…
  • Zqribble wrote: » Everyone is saying that the steam vents were altered but I noticed no differences in B1 now than how it was before. As he said, there's a certain pattern of hot steam that appears more often than the other pattern. Which sligh…
  • Actually, it has been mentioned and noticed by admins. You're just mentioning it in the wrong section.
  • Well, I don't know about maining, but I can say you should make a Kanna along with whoever you plan on maining so you can fund them. As Kanna is an excellent farmer since she increase spawn rate of mobs.
  • What they REALLY need to fix is the elevator that "Sometime" drops low enough to climb the top of it. I would say 75% of the time when I run Stage 4 - B1 the elevator will NOT drop after reaching the portal. It's happen so often I've gotten pretty d…
  • Hard isn't the worst part. It's extremely buggy! It's been driving me insane! For example have over half of the runs on the 4th map where the elevator doesn't drop forcing me to kill myself and hope the next time the elevator drop, BUT the worst cas…