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  • Daxterbeer wrote: » Unequip bread. Easy fix ez pz
    in Baguette Comment by Yacy May 2020
  • Aggraphine wrote: » DiximaN wrote: » Nexon should lower the SF prices to match KMS, which are 3x lower than ours. They also lack anything to increase mob spawns, such as frenzy/fury totems and kishin. So we could have lower star force costs, …
  • What are the items under Honorable Mention? Items we cannot get anymore but that you wanted to display the name? Also, they revamped NLC/Masteria and Spindle doesn't craft Facestrompers anymore. Or is there something I don't know? As for the Y…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » So you don't want them to bring back party quests, you want them readjusted, or new ones made, for 200+. The only thing party quests need to be made more relevant past 150 or so is to have their rewards updated. Other than a…
  • Choices wrote: » PQs are still a thing, especially Crossworld PQ which rotates Moon Bunny PQ, Kerning PQ, Orbis PQ, Ariant PQ and Forest PQ. Decent exp for lower levels. This post is more about past level 200.
  • Especially the people holding IGNs on level 1 characters. Either a whole account with a level 1 character (to sell the whole account) or an account with many of them to sell IGNs one by one.
  • pat159 wrote: » Some people soloing lotus are either unable or have an extremely hard time killing hellux. Only because it's broken right now. Takes 5 minutes to solo Lotus.
  • Vyrtae wrote: » I'm an old player myself, and as an avid MMORPG player I completely understand MMORPGs shift and turn. However, I would like you to look at the bigger picture: Gollux has been the same for years and it makes no sense to only change…
  • I like the new Gollux Systeme. My Superior ring has been sitting at 17* for 2 years because I was too afraid to blow it. Now, with the new Gollux system, I can finally bring my rings to 20*+. I don't care too much it takes time to get the o…
  • ShadEight wrote: » NLs should have their drain skill back What was NL drain skill ? I don't remember such skill.
  • I like the new Gollux Systeme. My Gollux pendants are both at 19*. My Gollux belt is at 20*. My Reinforced ring is at 19* because I tempted my luck lol. BUT as for my Superior ring, it's sitting at 17* because I was too afraid to blow it. …
  • Any new about this medal? They gonna fix it or what ?
  • Hello, I find that the content of the Royal Hairs and Eyes in the past three of their updates are not really pretty... I didn't buy any hair/eyes in like months. So I would like to suggest some hairs I personally find pretty. I will put them i…
  • we did have a PvP once upon a time...but it became really toxic...like really really toxic. Sorry but I no support reimplementing it. If you personnaly don't like it, just don't play it.
  • And ofc, let's not forget, Cash Shop xfer event Nexon pls !
  • This would definitely give a huge + to MapleStory. They would have to think well about it to make it great tho. Just some ideas I got while reading Olue : - A HP like Madman Ranmarue's HP, ofc letting ppl simply use pots would be lame - Something …
  • I need an answer too
    in SS Ring Comment by Yacy December 2016
  • The cash shop item (the one that reads "double click to exchange for a name change coupon") lasts 7 days. The coupon you receive when you double click the cash shop item does not. I'll see if I can bring up the inconsistency, but this is working exa…
  • I started a Kine in Reboot, and would like it too pls