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December 22, 1987
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"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." -HP Lovecraft
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Webcomic artist and silly dergon! My main is Mhana on Reboot. Go Smile!


  • DragonLagger02 reporting for duty. Something doesn't feel right, my spells are fizzling before my eyes. Nothing is moving, has time stopped? DragonLagger02 reporting for duty. Things started moving again, but then they vanished in-front of me as…
  • I need a Mir plushie. Just. Yes.
  • I just finally got Legendary on my main (Evan).. but then I play around on my Shade, my secondary? Gets it in 5 minuets and less than a few thousand Honor. FML.
  • TBH I play on Reboot for differing reasons than those stated here. The shop means little to me, I rarely visit it and see no reason to, as unlike main servers everything has a time limit. My reason for playing on Reboot is the simplicity. There's no…
  • It's a nice thing to have if you don't have a CRA weapon yet/can't get a carry. More of a place holder for a future weapon.
  • They're all going down, aside from 1 and 2. And if I go on 1 or 2, it disconnects me after a few seconds claiming it's detecting 'Hacking'... when I'm standing in town. I think the server is having a seizure. Reboot seems to be under attack, and the…
    in Uhm... Comment by Novasiri December 2016
  • They're all going down, aside from 1 and 2. And if I go on 1 or 2, it disconnects me after a few seconds claiming it's detecting 'Hacking'... when I'm standing in town. I think the server is having a seizure.
    in Uhm... Comment by Novasiri December 2016
  • Every single channel is crashing, and if I try to do anything on ch 2, it boots me from the game claiming it's detecting 'Hacking'... When all I was doing was sitting in a town on my Demon Slayer seeing if it would crash or not too. I think the ser…
  • I think the reason reboot shot up into insane levels is because of the GMS/EMS merge. EMS players don't have Reboot servers, so they're coming over onto our side to get into them, thus creating heavy lag with their connections filtering in through o…
  • It's been like this for a month or so now. It's because of Maple Admin, Gaga and Cassandra with all their unused event scripts. Basically you need a beastly computer to run ALL the scripts they are pushing out or you lag to hell in a handbasket.. :c
  • Welp.. I got an answer. Bog-standard copy pasta robot message. "It appears that there are several players reporting the same issue. Our game team has been made aware of the problem and is currently looking into this further. Please understand that …
  • My second day box just timed out, so RIP those rewards, my third box times out after the next reset, and I'm about to claim my fourth day 180-min box. STILL can't open them at all. I have a ticket pending, but no responses. World: Reboot IGN: Mhana…
  • Same problem. I have two boxes sitting in my inventory, unable to be opened. One is about to expire too. So I'm about to lose all that hard work for nothing.
  • Same, I can open the first three, but after yesterday, box 4 refuses to open.
  • Its tempting I might just pop one on each server and figure out which appeals to me more. Honestly the best thing to do!
  • The game is pay to win? Hmm that is disappointing that is off putting and makes me wonder if I should even bother with the game. I don't mind putting in some money but if the best gear is all pay to get that is a bit of a let down. Come to Reboo…
  • I need some time to figure out where this baby came from...how long has it been??!!About tree-fiddy. Also, to anyone else who needs to find a new home (because they're coming back after a long time), I'd just like to suggest Reboot, as crowded as i…
  • Blamo! Evan represent!!
  • Good to know there's a status update on the situation, though we'll be missing nearly a whole day of event time.. :c Ah well.
  • Flames were never a thing at all on GMS. So it was probably removed to bring you to par with GMS enhancement systems. Which on normal servers is Spell Trace Scrolling, Starforce, Potential & Bonus Potential. And on Reboot, just Starforce & P…