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  • holy jesus, i just heard the news right now can't believe they actually banned him, FREE DEN!
  • NicholasB wrote: » Hi, I know what I did was wrong, I even lost my 100$ but I just wanted to let everyone know this so it wouldn't happen to anyone else. Do you remember those jett bots that spam sites that sell mesos? I just got scammed by them,…
  • Joshing wrote: » sigh, and yet again, at this very moment, here he is, trying to frame some afk player as the accuser by blocking their game room with a locked game room on a ladder why is nexon complacent with this guy permanently making h…
  • Snicky wrote: » Am sorry if I reacted wrong , I know what this guy In Scania is doing for months already is way out of line , and that Nexon seem not want to take any actions against this behaviour is even worse . He should have been perm banned…
  • Food wrote: » AKradian wrote: » Optimize player experience by making everyone suffer lag, crowding, ks'ing, and spam together? No, thank you. This. Says. All. Tbh, I would rather have another World Leap event than a big server merge. res…
  • WONDERGUY wrote: » yea sure after all that bad reasons seem right DONT LET PLAYERS MERGE OR TRANSFER PLEASE ! JUST LET NEW PLAYERS AND THE LEFTOVERS IN DEAD WORLDS TO MAKE NEW CHAR/ACC IN THE ACTVE WORLD that way we are fixing over-crowdin…
  • Xemon88 wrote: » i was just blocked by the maple police in monster park for who knows what so hope i don't end up with a ban. years ago i remember people getting banned because of lag so guess i wouldn't be suprised Yeah, I also think it's rela…
  • DUALGUNPRO wrote: » Im back 1 year after the Khain/Broa Merge and its still dead. Maybe someday im gonna back to play again if i see the example of KMS on GMS Servers and that is The Merge complete World to 1. That would be Let the merge begin.…
  • Unemployed wrote: » I'm still not giving up on this. Bring it back for Halloween Nexon, please. @Arwoo Likewise. It's been a long long time since we had it.
  • MisterPENGUIN wrote: » Lmfao how does nobody know this. It's Lv 70 to gift anything from CS. No other levels are required what so ever. 70 Level's and that's it. Due to hacker's nexon changed it from Lv 10 to Lv 15 to Lv 30 to Lv 70. People would…
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  • chrissypoop wrote: » It’s level 120 to gift cubes. Not sure about other items Isn't it the same with other items as well? or cubes are different you're saying?
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  • AKradian wrote: » SuperSaiyan3 wrote: » Bump. In the 24 days since you made this thread, you could have gotten your character to any level required for gifting. I'm very busy in real life, consequently, I'd rather know which level I can gi…
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  • TacoLOL wrote: » Since the previous world transfer event didn't exactly go as well as nexon expected, I doubt there'll be another one any time soon. I would much rather more server alliances. It actually went really good, everyone went to Bera …
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  • Can anyone give me a clear answer? at which level can I nx gift people?