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  • He stalk us for 3+ months....

    Snicky wrote: »
    Am sorry if I reacted wrong , I know what this guy In Scania is doing for months already is way out of line , and that Nexon seem not want to take any actions against this behaviour is even worse . He should have been perm banned eventually by now is my opinion . Such people not belong in any games online . I wonder what his reason even is for acting like this , he is testing out how far he can go before he really gets kicked out ?? Nexon should finally take some steps , even when this dude might seem to be a addicted payed gamer , he should not be allowed to ruin the gameplay for others .

    He's from Bera, I went to henesys and tried to convince him to leave everyone alone and went afk right after that, when I got back, I noticed that I lost 300 fames? I clearly had 450 fames, but now 150... O_O
  • merging of paid servers

    Food wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    Optimize player experience by making everyone suffer lag, crowding, ks'ing, and spam together?
    No, thank you.

    This. Says. All.
    Tbh, I would rather have another World Leap event than a big server merge.

    results will be the same as merging all of paid servers, if world leap event happens, my friends, guild and alliance (over 400+ ppl) will move to bera.
    AaronHusky wrote: »
    The problem is the people clamoring for a merge are the vocal minority. They act like they speak for the majority despite most people outside the forums not wanting a merge, and when presented with legitimate concerns about a server merge, blow them off because "it's a massively multiplayer online role playing game" or because elysium lags too despite being the smallest server (do people seriously think this refutes the concern about lag in a mega server?).

    If a merge of a smaller scale like Elysium and Aurora was proposed, that'd be fine. But when a merge of half the GMS population is proposed, there's much more to consider than "merge the servers because i'm lonely".

    really what you just said right now, realty is the total opposite, all of my friend, guild and alliance (easily 400+ ppl) wants merging all paid servers, the problem is the people clamoring against this idea, against a merge are the vocal minority
  • merging of paid servers

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    yea sure after all that bad reasons seem right

    that way we are fixing over-crowding in MMORPG (if that makes sense) and lag as you can see low populated server lags more then active one (ts not because nexon relocatees more server power to them)

    ohh and dont forgot
    WhAt AbOuT pLaYeRs ThAt WaNt To Be In AlOnE iN dEaD WoRlD eVeN tHo ItS mMoRpG

    Haha, that's so true! how come there are some (very few people) out there who wants to be alone in a dead world even though it's MMORPG?
    That doesn't make any sense! but what's even more crazier is that this minority trying to force the majority NOT to merge all the paid servers.

    Nexon please merge all paid servers!
    The basis of your position is incorrect, cause MapleStory is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, to be frank that already end this discussion, lol.
    Therefore our best option is to merge all paid servers, hopefully nexon will do it this summer.

    "The basis of your position is incorrect, cause x game is an fps shooter, therefore our best option is for everyone to wear hats made of cheese."

    Both of these arguments have the same weight, and make about as much sense, too.

    You do realize that this game is a massively multiplayer online game, what does it mean? let me explain it to you, it means that we must have as many people as possible, in other words, merge all paid servers.
  • Why can't we be like them?

    So I've been watching this guy from youtube and I ran into this video that show a few worlds in KMS, almost all of them with 40 channels, and every single channel is 100% full, now it might be wise to remind you that we had times when Bera managed to do the same thing but let's not forget that in Bera, you rarely run into legit players... and even if you go to popular places where people hang out, you still rarely find any legit players, but when you go and train, you can't even train, because the amount of botters is just unbelievable, which make you realize that maybe the majority are not really legit players...

    So unlike GMS, in KMS, there are almost zero hackers, their security system works amazingly!

    And yet, in this video, you're going to understand my question, "why can't we be like them?"

    (Skip to 1:00)

  • We all want a merge

    DUALGUNPRO wrote: »
    Im back 1 year after the Khain/Broa Merge and its still dead. Maybe someday im gonna back to play again if i see the example of KMS on GMS Servers and that is The Merge complete World to 1. That would be

    Let the merge begin.
    Trystarr wrote: »
    Nexon is still seeing lots of money from these whales, fixing the 'visuals' of logging into your server, or seeing mass change in population aren't Nexons priority. They're thinking of just riding out the whale wave , which will probably last another 5ish years, then everyone will be in their late 20s-early 30s lol. No need for population change when you have delusional players handing Nexon their pay cheques trying to get a totem that makes the spawn rate of this game bearable lol

    We need more honest people like you in here.
    2600 wrote: »
    @NicholasB So, I'm now a Nexon Employee again? Never even knew I was back on the payroll again.

    Server merge isn't a good thing to do, It's not going to make the game better it's going to bring more problems.
    But sadly there is a server merge coming and I'm gonna enjoy sitting back and saying, I TOLD YOU SO.
    But the denial is gonna be real.

    No, he's right.

    Merging is a great solution. why?

    Because right now, a lot of people, and I'm 1 of them, are suffering in their empty world.
    I haven't logged on MapleStory for a few months now, I really got nothing to do in my world (Scania), it's too empty...

    And I'm not planning on making a new character in Bera and just leave my character with 7mil range by himself in Scania...

    So basically, nobody merge worlds? fine by me, I just won't log on until they merge worlds.

    Merging worlds? me and many many more people will definitely log on in order to finally move our characters to the most populated world, Bera!