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  • Yea i noticed this too... Hope it gets fixed soon or we loose the points we earned on sunday/monday reset
  • Yea, i thought this was just me but this happends on multiple pc's for me. On windows 7 elements start disapearing from the map thanks to this so you dont see people or monsters. And on win 10 it just closes itself after sometime. Also started no…
  • Nibbo wrote: » Uhh there's something up with Lucid.. I entered the normal boss with my party and the cutscene appeared and this happened: After I spawned in the boss map I saw a purple background colour (It's always pink) and then I disconnec…
  • Edit: i checked the forums like 5 times and somehow missed there was already a post about this. Bug type: Re logging always puts me on the same character not the 1 i logged out off. Used to be different before the patch Brief bug summary: …
  • AKradian wrote: » Thank you for reporting this. As Mira commented, it's not the first character, but rather the last one used before the game update maintenance. I've forwarded the issue. Aah dammit i posted this too but somehow missed this 1…
  • Neospector wrote: » Are any of your other inventories full? Try clearing some space in your equip or etc tab to check. Yea i made room everywhere without anything fixing it sadly. I have a few years of experience with maple so i tried all the s…
  • A minor point we seem to forget too is char names . Europe and NA dont share the name pool so moving people from NA reboot back to EU could cause some frustrations all over the place. For Luna and NA reboot players it could both suck if you loose a …
  • That was my first reaction too but xsolla is multiple payment options they moved Paysafecard in there too. ^^ After you choose the amount you get the payment options with xsolla.
  • Same problem. When you click to left or right on the colour change it stays pink and there is no indication to tell what colour it would become.