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  • StarryKnight wrote: » So basically, what I'm suggesting is that people are typically behind reboot servers in progression primarily because they are not maximizing their opportunity for success, meaning: not spending enough money on 2x coupons n…
  • SandyLerrow wrote: » JushiroNet wrote: » SandyLerrow wrote: » And the complaining about the "Both" Tab continues. Just manually select which tab you want. Problem solved partially. If this is to be the solution then it needs to actually wor…
  • WONDERGUY wrote: » iLiMiTaDo wrote: » DualBlade should have a ramking very apart from the Nighlord, it is unfair to put us in the same classification knowing the advantages of the NL, it is assumed that DualBlade has character creation as a char…
  • SandyLerrow wrote: » It doesn't really matter if they remove it or leave it just the way it is. Reboot players has the potential to reach LV. 275 as first server of GMS regardless if the "Both" tab. is present or not. This is why most want it r…
  • From what i noticed its only affect lvl 230+ people, i could be wrong though
  • Sharing it all, not getting any points so far :-( The sharing point is not working for me or my girlfriend either, hope it is not just old EMS players missing out... I think its cause the website treats our chars as below lvl 10, i tried selecting M…
  • It seems impossible for players that only play on EMS to get those points for the "Web Event: Share V News & Update to Earn Free Prizes", tried sharing on both facebook an twitter and got 0 points, and i deffently had a lvl 31 or above char from…