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  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    So basically, what I'm suggesting is that people are typically behind reboot servers in progression primarily because they are not maximizing their opportunity for success, meaning:
    not spending enough money on 2x coupons
    not spending enough money on cubes
    not spending enough money on maplepoints, which can be traded for meso, which can be used to buy materials or equipment from the auction house.

    So you are saying that the majority in reg server can't 1hit the mobs and thats why we can't get as fast exp? or did i missunderstood something?
    Cause not spending enough money on 2x coupons, well as stated by someone else they can't be bought after you are 250
    not spending enough money on cubes, would only increase your dmg more
    not spending enough money on maplepoints to sell for mesos to get upgrade your gear, which again would only increase your dmg more

    i am pretty sure no one in reg can come even close to reboot's rates no matter how much money they throw at cubes and maplepoints
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    It doesn't really matter if they remove it or leave it just the way it is. Reboot players has the potential to reach LV. 275 as first server of GMS regardless if the "Both" tab. is present or not.

    This is why most want it removed, since its obvious to anyone that reboot is getting a lot more exp per hour compared to non-reboot. Also the difference in how reboot and non-reboot work.