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  • In the first 2 DMT and now 24 minutes into the 3rd session I've been able to cube a total of 13 times. I bought all 180 sale cubes to tier up my new Adele character and haven't been able to achieve anything because of how this event was handled and…
  • Nexon needs to hold a 24 hour double miracle time the same way the sale is 24 hours. The game is obviously not equipped to handle the current Reboot player base in these 1 hour concentrated spikes. I stayed up all night waiting for the sale to sta…
  • Please disregard. I was on a mule that wasn't 5th job at the time.
  • I'm also missing the quest for 2nd slot despite having 3 badges. Character: Locke Level: 251 Job: Dark Knight World: Reboot
  • 100% agree something needs to change or it is no longer playable content. If it were 100% success rate as OP suggested it would take 6 months to get 22 star ring. Now imagine the multiple fails you normally get while star forcing and possible boom…
  • This isn't confirmed, but my guess is you need to save Adam and Eve to buy the chair. Try completing all the quests and try again.
  • AKradian wrote: » AlexF left the VFM team and deleted all the posts he ever made on these forums. I fear that the "Memory" achievements not counting is intended. But since the concern was forwarded, we'll hopefully get a definitive answer from…
  • I also could not purchase. 1 example was the apples when you hover says there are 10 in stock, but when you try to buy it says its out of stock. IGN: Locke Class: Dark Knight World: Reboot Level: 229
  • AlexF wrote: » Heyo, I will forward this! Thank you for the detailed report. Thanks! Hopefully they can address this with a future maintenance.
  • I too am missing points. I did all 19 events for the 670 points and when they moved from event to memory I no longer got credit. I submitted a ticket about the issue and included this picture showing what I believe to be the issue. We get cre…