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  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    In the first 2 DMT and now 24 minutes into the 3rd session I've been able to cube a total of 13 times. I bought all 180 sale cubes to tier up my new Adele character and haven't been able to achieve anything because of how this event was handled and the inability of the servers to handle Reboot population. If I had known something like this was going to happen I would of just bought the sale cubes and rolled my main for stat. Anything less than another DMT that is long enough to not bottle neck the players into a single time is unacceptable in my opinion. I hope you take your response to this seriously and take appropriate action. I've been playing since 2007 and never has a DMT been this bad. Considering the current overpopulation in Reboot from Summer and Covid19 I feel it should of been obvious trying to hold an event like DMT in 1 hour windows was a bad idea. I still hold out hope that you will fix this and will save my 167 of 180 cubes I bought on sale for an upcoming DMT before they expire.
  • DMT on Reboot

    Nexon needs to hold a 24 hour double miracle time the same way the sale is 24 hours. The game is obviously not equipped to handle the current Reboot player base in these 1 hour concentrated spikes. I stayed up all night waiting for the sale to start and the first DMT only to crash out of cash shop over and over, have ID logged in issue for about 5-10 minutes, then frequent server full issues. I get in game and rinse and repeat. I was not able to even buy 1 cube until the first DMT ended! Now I had all 90 red and 90 black sale cubes ready for the 2nd DMT only to be unable to roll the cubes without 5 minutes of waiting for it to actually be used. I won't even be able to use more than 10-15 cubes at this rate. For players that farm and save, waiting for events like this only to be unable to use the event is completely absurd. Nexon needs to provide another DMT with a different setup so its players can actually use the event.
  • Masteria Legacy Accessories Upgrade Changes ASAP

    100% agree something needs to change or it is no longer playable content. If it were 100% success rate as OP suggested it would take 6 months to get 22 star ring. Now imagine the multiple fails you normally get while star forcing and possible booms. You'd be talking 3+ years and still no end in sight for the unlucky. I also think either 100% success rate when you apply the coins or making it normal star force equip is a legitimate suggestion Nexon should take seriously. Otherwise from what'd I've heard on discord and in game they've wasted their time creating this content.