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November 16, 1998


  • Fuhreak wrote: » Waiting on the login screen for a minute or two seems to help, other than that you just have to try try again. Some people seem to have it worse than others, where as for me once I'm in-game it's basically fine for hours on end, …
  • so my only question is; why are people being banned for using a skill they implimented into the game to be used? if this keeps at it just get rid of the whole class and everyones kanna's then y'all wouldnt have problems lmao
  • luna02 wrote: » yes u lose this have a new chance whit the beauty event of merged world ( sincerely for me better than maplehood beauty .....) can you use actual grammar so people know what youre talking about but also 6pm is way to god dam…
  • ...idk what the hell youre doing where you can get to 150 in two hours. you spamming monster park or something?
  • i just made my pathfinder and i cant get my pathfinder gift box. so uhh. i wasted two days trying to get pathfinder and i cant even get my box? thats nice c:
  • man i sure do wish they would fix the CTDing that i keep having. i cant even go onto Chaos and make my pathfinder or do the burning event. so how am i suppose to do anything when i cant even stay logged in for 2 minutes?
  • im not very happy about how the burning event hasnt been extended considering almost an entire day was gone due to maint. im also not very happy i wasnt able to delete a character just so i can make a pathfinder, just so i can get the extra characte…
  • is just saying why i love ms1+2 allowed? :c
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » Yeah just as Aggraphine said. I believe the npc to go to Amoria is in Henesy. actually i know that, but before there was a hair dresser in Amoria that isnt there anymore, its a true wedding map and im sad because i cant f…
  • me too man.. no matter what i do i just crash, crash crash. ive had this account for well over 5 years and im getting real pissed that i cant even log in to a character without it just dropping dead in a grave. people still play this game so why has…
  • it kind of sucks how like.... theres multiple posts about this being an issue in the past but it never being resolved,,? i just wanted to get the level up event outfits so i can transfer them to my cadena and illium i used hair/face coups on but it …