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  • darik wrote: » WTF is this boss, it requires no skill at all! Every boss below cra "requires no skill at all" if you have enough range to one-tap it. And even cra is approaching the point of ignoring mechanics and just dumping on them. What's y…
  • Penguinz0 wrote: » It's a bug and they will fix it. This bug was also in KMS, but GMS folks don't like fixing bugs despite them being known for 6+ months. They prefer to copy paste patch as is with bugs and then copy paste bug fix patch after. It'…
  • They're just story-heavy content options. They do lock access to a couple of bosses, but the blockbusters in and of themselves are just story content. Chronology is black heaven followed by heroes of maple.
  • Poplmon wrote: » Also give us gay marriage, it's 2020. Yeah? Well it was 2019, 2018 2017 and probably 2016 at some point. Why's it matter? This remains the single worst reasoning for doing something that has ever been. So what if it's 2020? …
  • So just to be clear, you don't see
  • I'd be hella surprised if they weren't already aware of it. It's been happening for the past week or so now.
  • You've got to remember that licensing restrictions are very much a thing in these anime crossover events, and is the driving force behind everything to do with the events vanishing for good, save for what already exists, once the event ends.
  • Bumping this because it's still very much a problem as can be seen in multiple threads from multiple sections of the forums. It seems to stem from both previewing a post and when the forum software automatically saves a draft of what you've typed…
  • There is no bug here. You mashed through text instead of paying attention. That said, they did make sure that people in such a position as yourself can get where they wanted to go. You talk to the, in this case, warrior job instructor and there shou…
  • There is no bug here. You mashed through text instead of paying attention. That said, they did make sure that people in such a position as yourself can get where they wanted to go. You talk to the, in this case,
  • YinYangX wrote: » AKradian wrote: » TMS, where the concept of LAB comes from, had a second season (with Cygnus Knights instead of Explorers). We might get that at some point. That's going to make it interesting with NW res. xd Not really.…
  • iSouvenirs wrote: » They should have a story mode magnus for fifth job, with that being said I think that waiting a day to get fifth job isn't that bad compared to how long it used to take to get fifth job on release. If memory serves... I k…
  • iSouvenirs wrote: » SilencedPeter wrote: » Bring back Potable badges and new players will come nobody wants to play a hardcore game where people have a significant advantage over the other its create's toxicity and jealousy among the community.…
  • Cash shop purchases, including reward point shop, go into your cash storage. From there, you move them into your inventory.
  • darik wrote: » Damn i like the feedback, really well written and touching crucial points. If anything to add would be the prices of gollux items, they are way too high in my opinion, it takes way too long to get 750 coins, i understand its end ga…
  • SlicedTime wrote: » AKradian wrote: » I like stories. But I hate boss fights. So I think Nexon should add a "skip" button to boss fights and just give me the rewards without me having to go through the unpleasant part. What do you say? Yes…
  • Gotta suck it up and bash your face against the wall. You can do damage to the mobs, and you can kill them. You just do substantially reduced damage. Ask for help if you must.
  • You can maple guide into the fishing village about four maps away from commerci proper. You cannot, however, use a hyper rock to go straight to the san commerci map.
  • The problem is that the nexon we know is little more than a publisher. They have no development capabilities. In fact, I don't think any region does; it's all done by the main Korean office with various overseas teams. So it's understandable that a …