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  • Neospector wrote: » As far as balance goes, if Gollux receives 25 stars it'll still be best in slot compared to other items even with flame bonuses, and transposed Sweetwater was discussed at length by the playerbase. So, yeah, I personally have n…
  • intentional HAHAHAHA, nothing on this game is intentional dude. I just hope devs from GMS to learn something else besides a hello world before starting working on a previously made maintenance. The items are probably not inserted in a table that sa…
  • seriously, I just was commenting with my guild mates this problem and they were like "oh, you haven't read the forum?" WHY THERE'S NO NOTIFICATION ABOUT THIS ON MAINTENANCE? I'VE BEEN WASTING ALL MY POWERFUL/ETERNAL FLAMES ON MY GEARS AND THE MAXIMU…
  • I'm trying to selling mine for 10b but I know they must worth waaaaay more. I got a 2b offer when it was max mesos. This item is considered to be ultra rare
  • Image: IGN: SinDitBR World: Luna Short description of what your character is wearing: Me: Black Shoes of Death Secret Shade Red Cloud Label Ring Solo Ring Amorian Aura Ring Transparent Face Accesory Transparent Earring Transparent Ey…
  • same problem with me and a friend. The moment my character login the game closes at my face and show NGS error.
  • I don't think you understand the meaning of soon... people are looking forward to the announcement since the end of the event. It's been over a month
  • I can't believe you guys are announcing new events before judging and rewarding the people who participate in the older ones. It's been over a month, c'mon!!!!
  • Neospector wrote: » Cornutz wrote: » Problems: Yet people already found the problem. Take the goddamn invisible NPC's out of the Event Hall. That is one possible speculation that one person has come up with. Another theory by the exact same …
  • I agree on the most of it, but cubes on stores? what? if you mean by selling cubes with meso doesn't make sense to me, can't you go play reboot if you want cubes in stores? I would, except there's no european reboot and the american one has too m…
  • @SinDitBR "Since the rule can't cover those cases it's better to removed it." There was a similar argument regarding keyweighting. People stated that you could weight the key with something ridiculous, such as your toe, or weight the key while you …
  • As a 9 year player I agree with this! What makes me sad is that MapleStory has so much potential yet to be achieved but the way things are going I doubt it'll get there anytime soon. The number one priority for me and for anyone else i'm sure would …
  • I agree on the most of it, but cubes on stores? what? if you mean by selling cubes with meso doesn't make sense to me, can't you go play reboot if you want cubes in stores? And about nebulites it need a full revamp, and a good one i'm sure there's …
  • the filter did change a little bit. Nowadays you don't see the *** as others and it's a good indication of a client-side filter. Perhaps they're planning to implement this soon.
  • happy new year to everyone!
  • Hi everyone, my name is Anderson and I'm from Brazil. For this contest I've made a commemorative dessert typical of my country. We have the tradition to eat those in christmas and new years eve, so the date couldn't be more appropriated We call this…
  • Character name: SinDitBR world: Luna
  • this bug first started when they fixed kanna in the last urgente maintenance, my miracle circulators got all permanent but I couldn't open new boxes. I used them all hoping it was a glitch and I wouldn't be able to open more boxes while I had those …
  • Someone please fix this all soon as possible. We are losing burn time...
  • nick: SinDitBR world: Luna Shadower 5th job skill: