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  • Flames not working right on non-kms items?

    Neospector wrote: »
    As far as balance goes, if Gollux receives 25 stars it'll still be best in slot compared to other items even with flame bonuses, and transposed Sweetwater was discussed at length by the playerbase. So, yeah, I personally have no problem believing balance was a factor in the decision-making. Non-KMS equips have super high base stats compared to KMS equips. If they didn't, they wouldn't be best-in-slot by a huge margin like they are now.

    I can't believe you still don't understand that not every player on maplestory will be having 25 stars gollux set; You can't balance a game thinking only on full funded guys, mostly because the damage of this people are already broke, probably been for years. And didn't mentioning anything about gollux equips made every player lost at least a few eternal flames, which costs about 900m ea in luna, at least. We demand a refund!
  • MapleStory V: Food ExtraVaganza

    I don't think you understand the meaning of soon... people are looking forward to the announcement since the end of the event. It's been over a month :/
  • Thoughts about GMS

    First of all to consider this discussion as a bug reporting I would like to inform that the Gollux rope (feet) insn't working at all (you can't climb it). After every maintenance you guys manage to break other things and this is why I'm creating this topic. I want to help you with my experience (12 years being a gamer development and 11 being a maplestory player).

    To begin, I would like to start saying that I've never been more disappointed with the GMS crew, I can't really count the reasons anymore since there's so many nowadays but I'll discuss some of things that pissed me off recently and things that should have changed a long time ago:

    - Bad Conduct:
    Everyone is susceptible to fail, the thing is how you handle your failure that shows who you are. In the black friday you guys forgot to mention that the boxes that cost 25k NX would require NX PREPAID. Many players bought NX Credit and instead of giving another shot or refuding people or even letting the next boxes being for NX Credit you guys just edited the news and hoped that no one noticed or complained. The same happend recently with the Lucid Pet not doing the same as it stated in the news, and you even struggled to refund players. That's absurd and also against the law and the good sense.

    - Punishment of good players:
    Both filter and anti-hacking system doesn't work at all. As a Brazilian is very hard for me to understand how a game so called "Global" only have filter for english and how some of the filtered words are not even swear-words. It's also very annoying to play in the lag since when I finally manage to kill some mob I got kicked by hack reason and nowadays lag is almost a constant in our maplestory lives.

    - Revamp of Cash Shop:
    No one mention this but I think we all can agree that you guys are doing poorly in the cash shop events: boxes with repeated items and the permanent equips being sold are poorly choosen. But I blame it on the fact that you guys don't really pay attention to what you put in the boxes, specially in the event ones and this is crashing the economy of the permanent nx items. The Cash Shop has already sections for every piece of cash equipment, it also has a very unique feature to show the items that people buy most but currenctly none of this is being used. That's a very bad use of your own features. No one buys 90-day duration equipment anymore, you should make all the cash shop permanent!!
    The suggestion in this case is: why putting work in creating boxes and defining permanent nx items to stay for 2 weeks when you could make a huge and complete list in each section of the cash shop and updating it each 3 months. It would be a lot better for players who just want one fixed outfit and for those who are cash collectors like me. It would also give you guys a more productive use of your time. Remember, in order for this to work and replace the current event all the equipments in the respective sections of Cash Shop would have to be permanent. This would really increase your income, believe me. All the others games are walking toward permanent "skins".

    - Update Notices/Rules/Follow your own rules:
    From time to time there's some notices in the world chat. They are the same for the past 10 years and some of them are incorrect.
    "You can make your third job advanced when you reach level 70". Also there's one that mentions that selling NX for mesos is against the rules of maplestory and that's very ironic since the huge income of the GMS is in boxes that give tradeable cash equipment. This rule is outdated and shouldn't exist. There's no difference at all between I pay mesos to get gifted and give mesos to a friend to pay my ticket, but the first option could ban me while the second is totally approved.

    - Lag servers and high disconnect rate:
    That's not much I can talk about this topic... most of the people get crashes when try to skip the "Wizet and Nexon" when the game is openning. The servers are highly unstable and the game usually crashes over nothing. It's time to put some effort into a new client that works or all the marketing over V to attract new and old players will work just to show the world how bad this game is developed.

    - Neglect with players:
    A lot of people created tickets in the forum talking about Lag in Event Hall and you still haven't fixed it. Instead, all the events are there and you guys couldn't give a worst treatment to your fellow players than doing such thing. It's almost as saying: WE DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR COMPLAINTS. No FIX, No ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION. Most of us don't really do events anymore, so basically you're putting alot of effort into nothing. DO SOMETHING NX, talk with players, try to fix things and hear feedbacks from them or next time people will vote for maplestory in the category of 'Worst Support'.

    - KMS Comparison:
    In this topic I want to discuss about nebulites but first I would like to make a comparison with KMS. They have flames in almost every event/every coin shop where you can get way better stats than the best nebulites we have nowadays. They also have 20 stars and a better rate of getting equipment there with the enhancement system. Now someone please explain to me why the only way to get a good nebulite is through Gatchapon (NX) and to fuse B and A nebulites we still have to pay NX and to remove a bad nebulite to put a better one we have to pay NX. C'mon, stop being so greedy. The reboot world is one of the most played and this is why there isn't much pay to play there, perhaps you could learn something from this and replicate GOOD things about Reboot in regular servers, such as cubes being sold in stores. Most of the players doesn't even care about nebulites because they are so expensive since the only way to get them is through NX and the stats that they give is ridiculous. And where is the S nebulites? Make them more easily obtained in events or in the nebulite box and let us fuse and remove them freely without having to pay NX for it. It's ridiculous having to pay to remove it and lose stats plus losing the neb.

    I hope someone actually take time to read these tips and follow them. And fix gollux rope, it annoys me!
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    Character Name: SinDitBR
    World: Luna

    My Submission:

    I'm a newbie photoshoper but my goal was to recreate the environment of the place where it all begins. This time you're guarding the portal for the new V incomers. The original design would require a gif to show but imagine sparks over the portal a V behind the character and your eyes blazing. It would be a very cinematic thing and probably would require alot of work for your animators but it would be 10/10.