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  • While VPNs are not explicitly disallowed, Nexon Support suggests that you refrain from using them if possible because they can be associated with rulebreaking behavior. In addition, VPNs can interfere with and prevent support from helping with NX pu…
  • The story is described in the Grand Atheneum chapter 1, in parts of the Tenebris storyline (245+), and in the first part of the Cernium storyline (to be implemented some time in the future). He felt angered by the fact that Transcendents were actu…
  • You cannot purchase Maple Point coupons with NX credit, only with NX Prepaid. https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us/articles/360031241752-MapleStory-Currency-Limitations
  • Referring to the minimum requirements, a character must be at least level 101 to participate. Because Zero characters start at level 100 initially, Zero characters must be at least into chapter 2 of their storyline to participate. If you are not …
  • Easy Magnus is a separate questline from the Heliseum storyline, and you do not need to complete the Heliseum storyline to accept it. Simply accept the level 115 quest, "
  • Are you by any chance launching through Steam? Steam has been having sound issues with all games caused by the microphone, causing stuttering, skipping, and no sound entirely. It can be fixed by entering your sound settings (right click on the volu…
  • You can complete daily quests in Arcane River (speak with NPC Rona), and complete the Erda Spectrum (speak with NPC Nina) to obtain Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbols, which can be double-clicked in your inventory to fuse with your current Arcane Symb…
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  • Close reason: Old school server discussion, as stated above. Please review the
  • As stated in the event and cash shop notes, normal cash shop updates will resume next week, after the maintenance on October 7th. https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/61123/shop-at-the-magic-wagon https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/60877/cash-shop-u…
  • The burning world event itself ended after the maintenance yesterday, the only option available is to transfer existing level 150 characters to regular servers. You should delete this character, and recreate it in a normal world. If you're lookin…
  • From what I can tell, quabby hasn't unsealed it yet because they only just defeated Hard Will about a month ago, failed an attempt at the Black Mage 4 weeks ago, and succeeded a Black Mage attempt 2 weeks ago. As far as I know, they're just takin…
  • Destellos wrote: » Having the idea to keep on making more post every time you get a disconnection, maybe nexon will hear us that way to optimize either the servers or the game for pc Please don't spam the forums just because you're disconnectin…
  • You need to accept the quest "Choose Your Adventure" located under the Celestial Festival banner icon, in the star tab. You'll then be given the option to select your new skill.
  • Regular and VIP hair and face coupons were retired in the v211,
  • The Salon Stamps quest doesn't have a completion marker like a typical quest. Open the star tab on the left-hand side of the screen, and select the "Salon Stamps" option. If you've filled your coin gauge, you'll get the stamp:
  • You speak with Bastille in Edelstein, not Starling. Additionally, the quest after defeating the Lord Skeleton is located in the lightbulb tab after you exit the mystic gate. The Silent Crusade base is located in a hidden portal inside the Edelste…