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September 26, 1995
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Take it one day at a time. Reboot Guild (Sleepy) Always recruiting, Active mains 150+
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I own a Guild/Discord. Join us at https://discord.gg/sUtk3K3 and my guild is called Sleepy, Apply!


  • If you're watching the Training Guide 2018 kind of videos, yeah, the monsters but there is also other maps. Never just 1 map.
  • Hello, My name is heals and Own this guilld, Sleepy! [Server: Reboot/Bera] We quit for a long time but now we're coming back! We have everything you're looking but members xD (and carries for now) Join our discord server or PM me so we can …
  • Shnee wrote: » Character Name: Shneezee Level: 165 Class: Hayato Short bio (Optional): Looking for some people to help me through the mid-late game aspects! Played mmos for a long time, very active at the moment. Discord Info (Optional but rec…
  • So what you're saying is you won't GP cap in a guild? That's the point of a guild honestly, growing together. The way my guild works is I see you contributing in guild by seeing the GP rising. If I don't see it rise, idk what to say..... If i d…
  • Nobby wrote: » Character Name: Ziik Level: 152 Class: Lumi Short bio: maximillian but u can call me maxi, 24 yrs old just looking for some ppl to hang with Discord: Nobby Apply to Sleepy to join!
  • +1 I didn't get cucked this event, I got what I needed so I'm fine but I do feel bad that other people didn't get it so I 90% agree. The other 10% goes to me always spending money in nexon for cosmetics.
  • RufusFawn wrote: » 2ManyAlts wrote: » RufusFawn wrote: » Character Name: RufusFawnn Level: 31 Class: Beast Tamer Short bio (Optional): Just joined the game! Never played before Finished installing and am looking for a community to join. th…
  • mlac wrote: » Just got back to maple after a while because of college, since right now is winter break i have more free time. Hoping to join a guild that could help a returning player out. Hmu on Discord Eli #4160 Sleepy is a great guild to…
  • RufusFawn wrote: » Character Name: RufusFawnn Level: 31 Class: Beast Tamer Short bio (Optional): Just joined the game! Never played before Finished installing and am looking for a community to join. this seems right up my alley Let me know…
  • Neospector wrote: » MVP status is determined by your past three months of spending history. So if you spent enough NX to become silver in May, you would keep silver rank from May, June, and July, more or less. Bronze rank never decays. It's mea…
  • Maginorbavon wrote: » Don't know what much to say. Currently got a bishop around level 155, but that's not gonna last long. I personally am on a lot, more often than I'd like, and I need a guild. I don't want to be a leech though. I'll carry my ow…
  • I think Sleepy would be perfect! (Right now I'm working so I can't be online) but I think Sleepy would be great! https://discord.gg/sUtk3K3 This is the Link to the guild in Discord. Hope you join us. I have no problem giving more informat…
  • RafikiProxy wrote: » Looking for a guild as well in Reboot. Really wanna get back into being socially active on maple XD Boxy_Black wrote: » Hey im a returning player looking to start a brand new character and join a guild. I'll be extremely ac…
  • Check my post out for Reboot Guild http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/16531/reboot-updated-x2-sleepy#latest
  • Lucsean99 wrote: » Well hard to say if you're all actually active? The post count gives it away just saying. We're all active actually, I just want to be read.
  • I am, Join Sleepy! We have a discord too https://discord.gg/sUtk3K3 PM me when you enter Eli #4160 The guild's info is on the 1st page of the guild recruitment section >~
  • Able wrote: » Character Name: BraxinAble Level:92 Class: Demon Slayer Short bio (Optional): Havent played in years, just looking for a guild to help relearn the game and make new friends I'm sorry for the late reply, Please Apply to Sleepy …
  • haydencct wrote: » Character Name: Bunblox Level: 67 (i think so; posting on phone and rankings aren't working) Class: Xenon Short bio: Just came back to maple after 1 or 2 years of inactivity, so I heard reboot was neat, came to it, and Let…
  • NL as you can tell lol... Lays is my ign.