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September 26, 1995
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Take it one day at a time. Reboot Guild (Sleepy) Always recruiting, Active mains 150+
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I own a Guild/Discord. Join us at https://discord.gg/sUtk3K3 and my guild is called Sleepy, Apply!
  • [Reboot] L> Guild

    So what you're saying is you won't GP cap in a guild? That's the point of a guild honestly, growing together.

    The way my guild works is I see you contributing in guild by seeing the GP rising.
    If I don't see it rise, idk what to say.....
    If i do see it rise and hit 35k or 50k you get carries

    35k for anything ez/normal

    50k for cvel, hellux, hmag.

    A lot of the active guilds ask for contribution from the guild members.
    They don't want to see someone getting gear then leaving because that's rude.

    Idk you're free to join my guild, Sleepy, But GP Cap is an issue if you want gear progression/help.

    I don't mean to sound rude but this is my opinion on it.
  • [Reboot] [Updated x3] Sleepy

    Nobby wrote: »
    Character Name: Ziik
    Level: 152
    Class: Lumi
    Short bio: maximillian but u can call me maxi, 24 yrs old just looking for some ppl to hang with
    Discord: Nobby

    Apply to Sleepy to join!
  • Step-Up Event

    I think I appreciate the storylines of Maplestory because of the Step-Up Event. I've gotten so excited doing the grand atheneum and black heaven, good job Maple like hands down lol.

    Player since '07 =)

    - Main Mihile - HoMoBoBo
    - Discord - Eli #4160
    - Sleepy Community - https://discord.gg/sUtk3K3
  • [Reboot] [Updated x3] Sleepy

    Hi! Sleepy is recruiting,

    Sleepy would love to have you join! We're growing quite fast. We are a family type of guild, we love to accept anyone who is willing to join.

    Basic Information / Requirements We Have :

    - Super Active, 10-20 members on Daily
    - Have a Mule Guild (Since we know picking mains are hard)
    - Help each other out in anyway we can
    - LGBTQ+ Friendly
    - 18+ In Age
    - Level Requirement Level 130+
    - Active Mains Only
    - Our Board has all information you might be looking for

    Want more infomation PM Me <3

    Have discord? Join us!

    To apply, please fill out the information below:
    Character Name:
    Short bio (Optional):
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended):

    Join us

    PS... I reply immediately on Discord to please PM me Eli #4160
  • [Reboot] GoldenShip

    My name is Eli and I would like to welcome you to GoldenShip. We're the kind of guild that would help you
    in your time of need.

    "Why did you make GoldenShip?"

    I made GoldenShip because I want to have a guild that has a safe space for all types of people (LGBTQ+).
    I also wanted people to help each other, like a family.

    What's the goal?

    The goal is to talk to everyone in the guild and just plainly have fun with one another. Leveling, Bossing, and fun.

    Do you have discord?

    Yes, I made it yesterday and it's https://discord.gg/EA5ghxc

    "Are you Active?"

    I'm on daily. (I literally have nothing better to do.)

    Please Join this guild, you will not regret it!