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  • - Kanna is already excellent at everything; Bossing, training, support, utility. - Low levels won't struggle, they got EXP curve reductions that veterans did not have (up to -40% EXP for some level ranges). - You'd still be making more EXP per hou…
    in Kanna nerf Comment by Sorrow January 27
  • Stellar Detectives does not offer an alternate way to obtain "Ascension Module" other than from the limited quantity given in the Achievements page. Please sell Ascension Modules in the NPC shop in exchange for one of the following currency items: P…
  • Still waiting for a response :-(
  • 30 days is not long enough to be considered as "inactive." I'm sorry for your loss OP. If you start another thread to change the 30 day period to a longer time though I'll give you my full support.
  • As powerful as this item may be, I believe they can solve this issue by making high EXP dungeons or group raids with fixed spawn rate. (Similar to Utah Farm, etc.) If these dungeons can flat out beat the EXP rate Frenzy can offer it might be a bett…
  • Frenzy Totem won't be added again. It would be better for the game if it stayed as a legacy item. You're silly if you think people won't sell it for what it's worth even if you think it's "unrealistic."
  • Looking for an ETA on the compensation for the compensation and updated ETA for SSB compensation. It seems as though they have plenty of free time to organize Contests, Streams, Festivals, Crossovers, Cash Shop Updates, Maintenances, Philo Books, Cu…
  • Dear Maplers, I am personally a Soldier in Call of Duty. The "transfer" of yielded items through gambling are illegal. This was introduced in 2018 actually. They also introduced a 'Gambling License' in their legislation recently. There's le…
  • They should make it like the last DMT and let people pick when they want to claim their 2x Exp/Drop Event ahead of time. This would distribute the population more evenly instead of having a large surplus of players all on at the same time.
  • AKradian wrote: » Since this will be a new system, our MapleStory team is working to develop this feature to provide compensation for the affected players. They said, in the very post you quoted, one sentence before the one you quoted, that …
  • Well then here's a solution: They don't have DMT frequently enough so people participate in bulk because the event only happens once or twice a year. If it was every 2 months don't you think the peak would be lower eventually? Hopefully enough to do…
  • Why not just get better hardware for the server so they stop bleeding money on server instability during DMT? Making customers 'reserve a time slot' is ridiculous. Stop making excuses and get better hardware
  • Jez is not wrong, the 30 day period is a major problem. I'm not comfortable with that being a feature. The only work-around seems to be along the lines of either not having any Jrs. at all or if that doesn't work we have to kick every member just t…
  • No response from Nexon on this since 2018. Would be nice to get some feedback on this.
  • I would like to see transparency on the familiar rates.
  • I tried customer support with a similar situation. They were unhelpful and did not restore the item.
  • How will GMS compensate Eternal Flame of Rebirth that were obtained from Marvel Machine? There is no mention of this anywhere.
  • Same here. Completed the kill 99,999 monsters and did not receive reward. I have also seen instances where players got the reward without completing the 99,999 kills.
  • YurBestTurrets wrote: » The difference is that you will never get to convince GMS to boost the damage of hurricane only classes because they follow KMS balance patches and likely don't have their own dedicated balance team. So to me, it sounds per…
  • Which is more logical? (1) Rebalance a few unhappy classes by boosting their % damage; or (2) Upset 90% of your player base by nerfing the attack speed cap and then having endless backlash on social media platforms? On a side note: What about t…