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April 29, 1999
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I want it closed have fun with 1meso c-b% stat nebs "leg equipment to obtain these items"-fud. making ubsurd accusations with no evidence-fud. I give up but continue to debate pointlessly. you win
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I'm an artist.


  • scholar624 wrote: » The exact release is still to be determined, but the content will be part of the ARK Summer update coming up very soon Alright thanks man i appreciate it keep up the good work
  • I logged on just to say I support this even if I'm not active on the forums anymore. When I was active AKradian always did their best and had everyone's best interest at heart, and always brought up legitimately good arguments for and against a topi…
  • UkrMapler wrote: » Just remember, within reason even if a computer wont load up, you can always take out the HDD and get access to the files. I've had computers fail on me, and I just took out the old Hard Drives and connected them to another rig …
  • Not sure if you were informed yet, but he's a dude.
  • AKradian wrote: » I think you can only change your username on the forums once, so think carefully before doing it. You can change it once every 6 months.
  • My Zero's IGN is Chrodite, which is a mix of Chronos and Aphrodite. Chronos since, ya know, Gods of time and Aphrodite because I love Aphrodite.
  • Uzume wrote: » I really shouldn't have posted something when I was dead tired, sorry about that folks. Anyway I already spoke to the person. This post might've come off as more harsh than I actually was, but I'm not enraged over it or anything …
    in Stop this Comment by Uzume April 2017
  • number 4! It usually always comes from agreement, and I tend to use insightful when it's more, well, insightful. I guess it just sometimes confuses me when like I said above someone likes a post from both sides of a disagreement. I guess my brain i…
    in Stop this Comment by Uzume April 2017
  • No I didn't, but I should and I will. I really shouldn't have posted something when I was dead tired, sorry about that folks.
    in Stop this Comment by Uzume April 2017
  • Personally I believe it was the Unleashed patch that killed Maple. It really opened that gap between paying players and nonpaying players.
  • How would a child get helium? If someone is legitimately not taking care of their child and allows them to inhale loads of helium, then the parent is at fault and should be held accountable, not some stupid game with a dumb description. You're worr…
  • Try to send them a ticket on a separate account, and informing them that you are the owner of the original account (with proof, of course) and need to have things looked over or changed again. That's what I'd do, because I'm unsure if there's muc…
  • Daxi wrote: » I have not accused anyone of attempting to forward an agenda, please don't strawman or misrepresent my positions. Keep in mind people are replying to DarkPassenger too. I bring this up because you've replied to people as if they a…
  • Also the Black Wings have since disbanded following the plot of Black Heaven.
    in Nevermind Comment by Uzume April 2017
  • Daxi wrote: » I will add that the majority of your post is simply questioning my motivation, not providing counter points. I do not see how my motivation behind my statements is relevant. Keep in mind that attacking someones motive is a logical…
  • If you're a high enough level, you can fight Hila for a chance to get a pet from her (it's very low chance though) I'm unsure if they're still in the rewards shop, so anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but there should be pets there you can buy with…
  • I wasn't saying "it's their company, they can do what they want" I was asking "it's their company, and it wouldn't affect you at all in the slightest, so why do you care this much?" Everything that is requested for in this section affects the playe…
  • I wish I understood your points Daxi. If they kept the genders, wouldn't it in the end just be crossdressing then, which you've said you're fine with since it's already an option in the game, and this suggestion would just be expanding upon what Nex…
  • You and I answered similarly, though you worded things better than I ever could. I wanna have hope this survey changes something, but I don't know anymore.