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April 29, 1999
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I want it closed have fun with 1meso c-b% stat nebs "leg equipment to obtain these items"-fud. making ubsurd accusations with no evidence-fud. I give up but continue to debate pointlessly. you win
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I'm an artist.
  • AKradian – Mod Application

    I logged on just to say I support this even if I'm not active on the forums anymore. When I was active AKradian always did their best and had everyone's best interest at heart, and always brought up legitimately good arguments for and against a topic. This is probably the best person you could ever have as a mod and tbh I'm shocked it hasn't happened sooner.
  • That one Re:Zero female character looks cute

    Not sure if you were informed yet, but he's a dude.

    If you're a high enough level, you can fight Hila for a chance to get a pet from her (it's very low chance though)

    I'm unsure if they're still in the rewards shop, so anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but there should be pets there you can buy with reward points?
    Some events give away free pets, sometimes they're permanent, you could wait for one of those though I wouldn't recommend it since it's uncommon.

    As for the pets in the cash shop, they last for 90 days and then they "dry up" and you're able to use a water of life on them to restore them for another 90 days.
  • Remove the "gender" attribute from the game

    AK712 wrote: »
    I cannot agree at all.

    Gender is not just a "social norm" or "politics", it's something scientifically unchangeable. To suggest otherwise WOULD be political, and is blatantly absurd. We have more than enough evidence that gender changes the way you think, the way you act, the way your body is, the choices you make... I could go on and on.

    The entire purpose of MapleStory is not to drown yourself in as much customizability as possible. The very nature of games is not to make a hiding place from the real world so you never have to go there anymore. Gender is something you will have to live with. Dropping it from the game just for the purpose of being "socially acceptable" would kill Nexon. We've already seen it happen to Target - why would Nexon go there? Corporations who simply go along with cultural norms aren't praised - they're scoffed at. No one applauds companies who accepted slave trade, accepted Nazism, taught "duck and cover" during the Cold War, or praised the Vietnam War just because they were socially acceptable at the time.

    Nexon has a chance to stand out from the rest of the corporations who just cater to whatever society thinks is right at the time. Don't judge them negatively just because of where they stand. You may find that they were right all along.

    But what does gender contribute to in MapleStory? Are female characters really that different from male characters when you can do everything they can do, with the singular exception of marrying another female character?

    All the characters look the same anyway and they usually get eyes and hairs that are exactly the same to one another (Bright eyes for male and females only changes very slightly, and metrosexual is the caspia hairstyle for men) and with the added bonus of april fools day allow females to get male styles and vice versa, nothing would change and Nexon would not be making a statement by removing the gender attribute for the game. I mean, men can already wear dresses in this game. Is that a statement?

    It'd actually make their job easier, they wouldn't need to worry about male or female counterparts to items anymore.

    This suggestion isn't what you think it is, it's obviously a neutral viewpoint saying "gender blocking in MapleStory is pointless and only makes things annoying" and in that sense, I agree. What's the point of blocking a guy from wearing one dress when he can wear a different one?

    Also the Target situation is a whole different story from what we're asking for here...
  • My computer's near death experience

    I almost had a heart attack.

    Woke up today to do some stuff on my computer, and it was freezing a lot and irritated me so I decided to restart. But then, I had a unaccountable (?) boot time BSOD and I was like okay, I'll just try again in a few minutes.

    Didn't work. Called my mom cause I'm an idiot, and she tried several different things and that didn't work. I'm a digital artist, losing all of my stuff would actually break my heart. I felt incredibly sick, but my mom kept trying her hardest. Thankfully, she ended up fixing it, but apparently my computer has a load of corruption yet no virus's? I have no idea what happened, or how to fix corruption of windows files, but I'm about to get a new computer that's for sure.

    Why can't technology not break on us?