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  • Awesome job nexon for making the game crash!

    AKradian wrote: »
    Cobain wrote: »
    I've had some issues with crashing/lag but not all of it can be blamed on Nexon or the game. The game is played on a PC. PCs can have issues. PCs do wear down over time and need proper and regular maintenance to stay strong and stable. I'm aware that some people do proper maintenance on their PCs but not everyone does.
    To cover yourself (and your PC), do regular maintenance on your PC. Be sure to defrag your computer regularly (once a week or more). It's always good to restart your computer regularly or to shut down your PC when you aren't gonna be using it for awhile. If you cover all your bases and make sure that your PC is running optimally, and you continue to have issues, then you can blame the game/Nexon.

    Yeah, all Maplers' PC's randomly decided to wear down in the same way when the V patch hit.

    Oh I'm definitely not saying that. What I am saying, is not all the lag and crash issues can be blamed on Nexon/Maple. That's not saying that Nexon/Maple are free of blame. Like I said in my original post, I've had issues as well. But I take regular care of my PC and I've experienced far less issues then most the people complaining on the forums has.
  • Client and latency stability is GARBAGE

    You also have to factor in, what goes on at Nexon that may or may not be causing the delays. The game that we have, Nexon gets the code from the KMS devs. The code needs to be translated into English (which is difficult and tedious (time consuming)) Then, they have to make sure the code works in the GMS servers (which can also be tedious). Then you have to factor in, do all the devs/coders know Korean? How many Devs/Coders know Korean?
    You also have to factor in, there are how many devs to players? Not all eventualities can be accounted for at all times. A more in depth process of testing could help prevent these issues but that can't always be done as that costs a lot of money and time to do.
    You are all quick to bash nexon when in all actuality, are you a coder? do you know what goes on day to day at nexon? are you involved in the dev/coding process for the game? I mean, if I was being bashed all the time, I would be less likely to fix an issue too. Calm down, have patience. Things take time, especially coding. It's not an easy process.
  • {COMPLETE} Scheduled Maintenance - Feb 9, 2017

    Uksu wrote: »
    This update came in bad time and there was not any warnings in game.

    I was playing Monster Park with full buffs and 2x exp.

    I was playing Spirit Valley 200lv-209lv.

    I am level 185.

    I was just entering last area until I got disconnect due this update.

    RIP level up exp.

    There was a warning in chat at 5 am CST and every half hour after that. I saw it and knew it was coming... was also dissapointed because I have nothing to do until the game comes back up. lol
  • Are there any good cheap lvl 60 cannons in FM?

    Dark20 wrote: »
    Cobain wrote: »
    You can also open up Tot's Know How, don't do any of the quests in there as it's kinda broken. Once in there, click the Reward button, click on lv 60, it will give you a box that will give you all lvl 60 gear but it's untradeable.
    Also, if you are in Mardia, I might have some maple gear you can have. It's pretty worthless so I have no issues helping you out with gear.

    Thanks man! I just wish you were in khaini though. Also, does tot's give you lvl 100 equips as well or just the lvl 60 ones?

    Sadly, it stops at lvl 60. You will have to find your gear from there on. It's really not hard though, if you train where the Maple Guide "U by default" tells you where to train. Those areas usually drop your next "tier" gear. You could also look through the Auction House. I try to put up old gear or random drops in there but they usually don't sell. Pirate gear should be in there though.
  • What are you Watching Right Now?

    I've recently gotten into 2 Broke Girls (Don't judge me! Besides, it's funny as hell and the Brunette is hot!) This show is funny and I'm using a website called rabb.it which allows you to load up a website and other people can join and watch what you watch, with you! It's awesome!
    I should point out, I'm not affiliated with rabb.it or anything, I just really like the site. lol