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  • Flames

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    LittleTLK wrote: »
    Do you know if there is any reasoning given in official capacity?
    Because it boggles my mind that it could be anything other than "LOL, you have the inferior system in the form of nebulites, so you don't need it"

    Unfortunately, Nexon America is not in the habit of justifying their decisions to us.
    If any clear reasons were given (which I honestly can't recall), it was when we were supposed (by the timing of KMS update ports) to get Additional Options. If we still had access to the old forums, I could try to find the relevant discussions, but...
    I know the MLC discussed it. I wasn't there so I have no idea whether they actually made a resolution and passed it on to Nexon, nor what kind of response they received, if any.

    Never got to Nexon due to lack of approval by council at that time.

    I haven't looked at these threads for about 4 months already and I thought people gave up on the topic because I was told "no" many times from users.

    I don't think I have a reason to give up on flames in Luna (that we lost, which greatly inflated prices for flamed items) unless an official MapleStory staff lets me know what's the reason behind it.
  • Flames

    Wait Luna lost flames?
    That sucks.
    Luna (Kradia/Demethos pre-merge with GMS) had flames and star enhancements limit of 20 before the merge with GMS.
    Now we don't have flames anymore. Equipment that was flamed or had over 15 stars kept the old stats, which are basically superior because they're not obtainable anymore..
    I still don't see how people think nebulites are fair in comparison to flames.
  • Flames

    Can we get flames/additional options in GMS, pretty please?
    Or at least in Luna, so the newer players can compare to the older ones with flamed gear?
    It's pretty much a must in Reboot too..