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  • option to 'never ask again' for PIC reset

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    That goes against the basic premise of account security. You'd never see a bank website give you a "do not ask again" option on an expired password prompt.

    That makes no sense. You are very well capable of changing your PIC yourself by resetting it while logged into your account on the Maplestory website, the same way you reset your password. By your logic, why don't I get a message prompt on Nexon Launcher to change my password everytime as well?

    This would not be voiding the ability to change your pic, it would only allow PIC resets to happen when you opt in to do that, I shouldn't have to opt out of doing that on every log in.

    Even my bank doesn't interrupt my login flow with this request , since you made the comparison..
    It's also not expired, its just 'been awhile since I changed it'.. The PIC still works after declining this pop up, this is not analogous to an expired bank password, as you would not be able to complete a login process with an expired password.
  • option to 'never ask again' for PIC reset

    'You have not changed your PIC in a while. Would you like to now?' - I am asked this every time I want to log in, and eveytime I click no.. Just please include a tick box option for 'Do not ask again'. It interrupts the flow of the login process for every character you want to log into and nearly every player is experiencing this (aside from people who recently changed their pic).

    A good analogy is it's like going to watch a stream and the first click of the play button initiates a pop up instead of playing the video. It still works after one more click, but it's very annoying.
  • get rid of anonymity in Auction House

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Trystarr wrote: »
    It is the replacement for Free Market stores after all, which had transparency in who you were transacting with.

    You seem to be under the impression that bots didn't make use of those as well. Simple enough matter to transfer things to a more "legit-sounding" character name and then sell them like that. I'll give you, though, that it's become far more blatant with the auction house.

    You are mistaken - that's not my impression. What I am suggesting is that if other people want to buy from botters that's there perogative to roll the dice, but I would prefer I have the option of knowing the in game name before I do these expensive transactions (and again, asking for vouches/references).

    Yes, there are ways to get around that. just like there would be in any context of this trade, but it would certainly help mitigate it (I.e 'reputable' sellers, aka the vouch system blackmarket maple runs on, or if you're buying end gear in a lower populated server there's a decent probability you would know the seller).

    Anyway, I didn't make too strong of an assertion in that regard for a reason, the main issue being resolved is negotiating price, a pretty fundamental aspect to every economy (online or not).

    I know it's been brought up before, but it's just pathetic it got swept under the rug.
  • get rid of anonymity in Auction House

    It seems unecessary to not mention the in game name of people selling items in the Auction House. Providing the character name would allow people to make offers on items, and would at least help mitigate the purchasing of illegal items (i.e. don't buy from the ign 'VwVWV356G'). It is the replacement for Free Market stores after all, which had transparency in who you were transacting with.
  • Game feels like SoloStory now

    Stubborn thinking on Nexons part.. they have had numerous 'world transfer' events which leave all but 1-2 servers to be entire ghost towns.. You would think they would learn that a server alliance/merge is necessary to accomodate the situation. Alternatively, Nexon has been running 'world transfer' events, ultimately cycling which servers are dead and which are active (i.e. before the oct 2017 world transfer, windia was the most active nonreboot server with Bera being dead.. after the world transfer event, they simply switched spots..) I honestly do not know how Nexon is still trying to run 6 non-reboot servers.. those days have been gone for years, there is clearly some mismanagement of Nexon America, that is without a doubt. They're sleeping on one of their most lucrative assets, look at all the quitting sales on the disc markets.. Oh I forgot, the massive underground market where everyone sells their gear is technically against TOS.. forget that last part..