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  • Starforcing for GMS needs to change

    I was going through the Maplestory reddit and I came across this post:


    This person spent 846 billion mesos on starforcing and still at 17 star arcane equips.

    In KMS, starforce prices are halved. In KMS this would've costed 423 billion mesos, that other 423 billion mesos probably would've got him to 22 star.
    When people say "GMS has totems, it's okay" you need to understand KMS servers have better natural spawn rates than us and GMS players don't have totems 24/7.
    If you want to know the actual numbers for mesos gains between GMS and KMS, please watch Nox's video.

    Something needs to change.

    Btw, 846 billion mesos is like 2.5 years of mesos farming on a non-kanna class.
  • Maple Cafe is NOT fun

    I thought Maple Cafe would be me doing cute talking/dialogue missions in a cafe,
    not me micromanaging NPCs while doing the same stuff I've already been doing.

    Actual tip: Nodestones. You need 10100 points total to max out each barista, meaning you need 303 nodestones. 31 are given as rewards in the line, meaning that you need to obtain 272 in order to max.
    Weekly quests reset on monday UTC, so you'll be able to get a total of 6 free nodestones. Meaning you need to have 266 either randomly drop, or craft them.

    Please don't disguise unfun grindy events with cute names.
  • In game censorship.

    Hello Maplers,

    I was wondering if there was a way to remove in game censorship. The current ingame censorship isn't really good as it censors "what feels like random characters".
    Even then, I'm now an adult and I'm okay playing a game with an uncensored filter, or at least client side only.

    I don't like seeing my sentences like this.
    I do*****ke se***g m* senten*** l**e this.

    Your fellow Mapler
  • Deimos Sage Shield Recipe

    Wesleyx3 wrote: »
    After looking around at some testimonials online, this specific recipe is extremely grueling to farm from mobs. I have only seen a few mention they actually were able to acquire one from grinding mobs. I would say easiest way would be to get a normal Cygnus carry.

    If you're not in a guild, I'd recommend joining a fun guild with nice and helpful members who are more experienced and able to take you through to get the recipe.

    Yeah I'll continue to spend 2-3 hours a day grinding mobs.
    I feel bad asking people for carries, but I can try.

    I have a Big Spider (large drop rate) and greed pendant for drop rate.