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December 29, 1987
  • Totem removal will kill this game

    Revert this short-sighted change or you'll kill your own game.

    I've been thinking for quite some time that they have been trying to kill the game because they are sick of working on it
  • Compensation for Wild Totem Removal

    ClawStaff wrote: »
    Nexon uh... you know what would be a better solution delete all spawn related totems, and make the spawn rates better on the maps. You can keep the number of enemies the same as normal honestly if you would make the enemies respawn faster.

    It doesn't have to be an instant respawn, just enough where you don't almost lose combo orb combos because sometimes enemies take forever to respawn.

  • Thank You Nexon!

    This was a great update to the game. The last few months I was unable to find pre-paid karma koin cards anywhere around me, and not being able to use NX Credit to buy some things sucked.
  • Compensation for Wild Totem Removal

    The main point of Wild Totem is to increase the spawn of monsters! Many maps in the game have poor spawn and/or spawn rate. Just because most mesos earned while using Wild Totem are used on Star Force, doesn't mean Wild Totem can be taken away because you lower the cost of Star Force.

    Give us Wild Totems so you can take away Kishin, take away Wild Totems and give us reduced Star Force cost. WHAT A JOKE!

    Just over a year ago Nexon did this, which I'm still not over. What's next?

    Edit: On a side note: Not once have I EVER used Wild Totem to get extra mesos...yes more monsters spawn and the rate they spawn at increased...but NEVER used to get mesos, just more exp or increased spawn to make finding hard to get items easier, which has been made harder after 2x Drop Coupons were removed from the Cash Shop back in March
  • Deleting permanent Safety Gems is not acceptable

    Why are Permanent Safety Charms getting updated to stay in the game but not Permanent Safety Gems? 7k NX (1,640 NX from MM) is not anywhere near enough compensation for our item that we paid real money for and thought we would have FOREVER. If something like this is allowed, what's next....removing and refunding Frenzy Totem? Hyper Teleport Rock?

    Edit: Since Safety Charms can be bought from Matilda why not remove Permanent Safety Charms too? You can buy reg. Teleport Rocks so why not remove Hyper Teleport Rock (not the same thing but (CLOSE ENOUGH))?
    Or even you can buy Hyper Teleport Rocks and Safety Charms with Reward Points so we don't need the Permanent versions.
    We can buy Water of Life with Reward Points so lets refund all the Permanent Pets so you have to buy 90d Pets and use Reward Points to bring pets back.

    Edit: Allowing this to happen just opens up for SO MANY more things to happen that shouldn't.

    Edit: The only compensation that should be given is work Permanent Safety Gems into it or give a Permanent Safety Charm.