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  • Event feedback -- let's sum things up

    I've been perusing a lot of criticism about recent MS events (including one that I posted a year ago) and I've come up with a reply to all of them:

    The underlying problem is, frankly, that maplers have been spoiled by Nexon having created too many events. 10 years ago when I first started playing, we were lucky to get 1 or 2 events ALL YEAR (compared to the 3 simultaneous ones currently going on). There were no Hot Weeks, no Sunny Sundays; just a Christmas/New Year's event and a Maple Anniversary event.

    Bottom line guys, be happy you have so many events as it is because we older guys didn't have them for the first few years.
    Nexon, consider perhaps making fewer, more in depth and engaging events that last longer and allow player to reap better rewards rather than shorter events with trifling rewards.

    I want to hear thoughts from players and Nexon on this one.

  • Feedback on Monster Collection + Suggestion

    As I'm sure many fellow maplers are aware, adding to the monster collection can be notoriously time consuming, frustrating and difficult; leading to most of us not bothering after a while. To add insult to injury, the rewards for completing a set are frequently not worth the effort. My most recent example is getting 100 spell traces and 15 maple reward points for completing the set that includes the slurpy tree and flyons from chu chu village.

    I'm aware that there is the potential to get better rewards than those I received, but the fact remains that we get better rewards from doing daily surprise missions or by beating bosses (which doesn't take nearly as much time).

    That being said, I do have some suggestions:

    a) Increase the value of the rewards for completing a set (my least favorite)
    b) Increase the chances of adding a monster to the collection ( I personally like this one)
    c) (The one that will benefit both the players and, more importantly *insert snarky sad but true comment here* ---- NEXON) How about creating a cash shop item that players can buy to randomly add a monster (or monsters) that they haven't collected yet to the collection?

    Your thoughts?
  • "Error, this product is currently in use"

    I get this once in a while, too; usually after I've played for a bit, then logged out of Maple but left the nexon launcher running. I find the best way to clear the error is to simply restart the launcher (make sure you close nexon launcher via windows task manager)
  • Check your grammar!

    which is why my initial reaction to this quest was s***w that. but 3 bosses/day is reasonable and, is in fact the quest requirement....
    honestly it makes me wonder if the bug report i posted last night about the Might of the Nova skill buff not working properly to simply be yet another grammatical error.
  • Stackable Rose Clipping

    I have to laugh when I see this because I have yet to find A SINGLE rose clipping from harvesting on 2 different characters. Had to buy all of mine on the AH.
    Oh well. LOL.

    You don't play on Broa, by any chance?