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  • What is wrong with support?

    Neospector wrote: »
    They have an official feedback form they use, and the previous CM has confirmed that they are:
    1. Sent anonymously
    2. Reviewed

    If you have a complaint, you can voice it in that feedback form. I'm not particularly sure why a phone complaint would be more helpful for your situation, though.

    As for your actual issue, it would help significantly if we knew what your issue was. The forums and Reddit can both walk you through some technical support issues and speaking with a community often helps get the brain working on a solution.
    Graphics card issues are always a hassle, in my personal opinion. One time I had an issue with Minecraft, and the solution was to update my drivers, but every time I did so there seemed to be a brand new update that needed to be installed. Eventually, after a frustrated night of Googling, I wound up having to perform a full BIOS update. I never want to have to go through that again.
    Long story short it would help significantly if we knew what error you were getting, so we can help with the debugging process.
    It lacks profit to send updates to their tech support.

    "Information given freely profits no one" -Ferrengi Rule of Acquisition #5

    Please try to be more helpful, if you can.

    If you had a problem with service, would you rather email, and wait for a reply, or call and talk to a actual human being about it?

    Do you not find it sad that the actual users of the game are more knowledgeable about fixing issues, than actual tech support who is paid for it?

    This post is not seeking technical support for my issue, as I have already consulted reddit, and all the solutions there also fail.