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  • Attendance ended early?

    I thought today was the last day for attendance check in. I was supposed to get the damage skin box today, but it is no where in my event list.
  • What is wrong with support?

    Neospector wrote: »
    If you had a problem with service, would you rather email, and wait for a reply, or call and talk to a actual human being about it?

    Do you not find it sad that the actual users of the game are more knowledgeable about fixing issues, than actual tech support who is paid for it?

    This post is not seeking technical support for my issue, as I have already consulted reddit, and all the solutions there also fail.

    Email, honestly. In addition, phone support is notorious for being absolutely terrible; it's what started many of the stereotypes about tech support in the first place. Many companies maintain a support forum where normal users as well as official company reps offer their pooled advice; this makes it easier to pool ideas together and come up with solutions. Traditional tech support is maintained for unique issues, or issues involving sensitive information, but isn't necessarily better than the forum.

    If none of us can be of any more help, I'm not sure what else to say, however.

    This is about getting better support via tickets, not about my issue. If you are going to outsource support, they need to be kept up to date on issues, all employees handling support issues. I shouldnt get a different story for every different person I talk to about the same issue.
  • What is wrong with support?

    I filed a ticket for an issue, I get told its my drivers, I update my drivers, then I get told its my hardware, I try on a new computer, and get told its a known issue(by another GM), then the first GM says its my system, and I am the only one having the issue. I ask for a phone number so I can file a complaint, and then I get told they do not do that, and I could use the feedback form. I know they are outsourced, but not even giving out a phone number for a complaint?

    How many different companies are providing support for you Nexon? Have you ever thought updating them all at the same time on issues, so they all can tell the same story when an issue arises? This is not the first time I have gotten different stories from different GMs during support tickets.
  • Guild Emblems

    Add a banana to the guild emblem choices. My guild is TheMinions, and we need a banana!
  • NGS Update error

    I ended up clicking the little Gear icon that is right next to the terms of use on the maple story game page in the launcher and clicked repair. I haven't had the NGS error since.

    I tried this a few times, and still getting the error.