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  • Node exp not showing in enchancing window

    Bug type: Functionality or user interface

    Brief bug summary: When you select a node the exp is suppose to pop up in the box on the right, instead it just appears for a moment and goes back to listing the active nodes.

    More details: When enhancing nodes this bug will only appear once and then the box will only list active nodes. If you switch to disassembling nodes selecting another node will cause the selected node information to appear briefly before listing active nodes again. In disassembly, this can be repeated unlike in enhance mode. This still happens if there are no active nodes in node slots.

    Steps to reproduce: 1) open nodes
    2) talk to node master npc and open the node enhancing/disassembly window.
    3) select a node and look at the box on the right
    4) switch to disassemble nodes to see the bug easier

    Character name: ThatBaldy
    Character level: 252
    Character job: Buccaneer
    World name: Reboot(NA)
    Date and time of the incident: 5/14/2019 5:00pm est
  • Spirit Savior

    I actually found spirit savior to be pretty fun, except when it lags or it doesn't register picking the spirits up. This is probably because I have a flashjump as buccaneer so its not too difficult and annoying. If you truly feel like quitting the daily you might as well go in and jump around as practice without the goal of getting any coins. If you are a teleport class on the other hand, I can see why you hate this daily.

    As for muto, I think it allowing failure is a workaround not a feature. I never experienced it but I heard that if you are inside for over 5 minutes then it counts for your run. Otherwise we can leave before that and try again.
  • Puppy courage question

    The only thing you can do is level up and make sure you are strong enough to kill bosses. Starting at level 120 you can try normal hilla and starting at 130 you can try easy horntail. There's also root abyss bosses but you might need to be 135+ and have decent range(50k minimum?) to kill the bosses. The prequest for root abyss does start at around level 120-125 so you can always try to kill vonbon and see how far off you are.
  • Ropelift bug

    Bug Type: Functionality

    Brief bug summary: If ropelift + jump is pressed at the same time while near a platform, the character is immobilized.

    More details: The only thing allowed is sitting in a chair, and the only way to break out of this is to jump.
    I've only had success on the ladder in Leafre : Kumo's House.


    Steps to reproduce:
    1) obtain 123% jump and ropelift
    2) line up underneath the platform
    3) jump and press ropelift and jump when you reach the platform

    Character name: ThatBaldy
    Character level: 242
    Character job: Buccaneer
    World name: Reboot(na)
    Date and time of the incident: 7:00pm est 8/6/2018
  • Arcane River Droplets need a revamp.

    I agree as well... I'm level 241, almost 242 and I only have 52 droplets. If they make a daily for 1 droplet a day, I'll be extremely happy.