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  • New and Revamped areas for Zipangu

    I think we should have exactly what JMS has right now for this area, However I will add that Neo Tokyo was Removed when they received the Mushroom shrine patch (the one we just got) months ago (around March)

    I'm hopping JMS closed it with plans to revamp the areas and re release later.

    I think they also need to implement the Great Battle of Sengoku content we never got, it would give us the rest of the crafting materials we need for certain Japanese myth equipments or at the very least Add these items image image into Boss drops (maybe even exclusively to Ranmaru)

    I forgot to add that!
    Thanks for commenting it ^^

    Also, tfw people are more active in posts about implementing things on CS rather than new content :'(
  • New and Revamped areas for Zipangu

    Hello Maplers!
    I'm here today to ask for something that I wanted for a long time, always since it was released on jMS, plus more things that are in the jMS version of Zipangu (The original version).

    Before I begin, I would like to show you guys something that bugs me

    First of all, what's that "Tokyo" thing in the map? Why is it in the map if we don't have anything that's "Tokyo"? Why can't we click on Showa or Ninja Castle?
    Wait, let's try searching for Showa on the World Map...

    Well, looks like the city label isn't translated at all, and it was before the mushroom shrine patch. I know that having the map image as ショ-ワ doesn't affects the game at all, but it's just an introduction to what I'm about to say.

    What I'm trying to say is that looks like they literally copy pasted jMS content and translated it. They also deleted the Ninja Castle Teleport, you can only go to Ninja Castle VIA Teleport Rock. But it's okay, everyone makes mistakes. I just want to use this to suggest new things!

    So, since we have the Tokyo Map in the world map, and jMS showa image, why not implement them in game?
    I mean, I think it's a good idea to implement the 'Present' Tokyo Area and also the revamped Showa Town that also MSEA has. (Skip to 17:40 if it doesnt) Which is a great zone to level up for higher levels!

    Also, why not implement Neo Tokyo?
    I think it was removed from jMS, but come on, let's add it!
    You can get this nice star, which is similar to Balanced Fury BUT with more stars per stack and also a bullet that gives you +22 attack!

    All those zones are for levels 140-180 aprox. So that will be good with the revamped mushroom shrine, since its kinda weird having mushroom shrine as a lv 140+ zone, and then Showa Town, that has .... this...

    Anyways, that's it, I think.
    PS: Asia is in the mushroom shrine questline, add neo tokyo so we can understand more about who's asiaaa REEEE
    PS2: Nope, this is not about me being a weeb, I really like those zones so that's why im suggesting them! Also, i like how those stars look.
    PS3: Kamuna is in game, but you can't get in there by entring on the portal that's supposed to lead you there, you can only go there via tele rock, and theres no BGM.



    TD;LR: Add new zones for zipangu, Neo Tokyo, with the crafting items, Revamped Showa Town and Present Tokyo. Also fix the Ninja castle teleport.