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  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story


    This is an unisex outfit themed somewhat after this guy from NLC ( maplestory.wikia.com/wiki/Stirgeman ) which includes the following :

    The Stirge-mask ( eye accessory ) This quality mask is made from a trash bag the finest of materials.
    Stirge-shirt ( top ) A T-shirt with the emblem of Stirgehood.
    Stirge-shorts ( bottom ) They're comfy and easy to wear.
    Stirgeman Cape mk 0 ( cape ) A n old curtain you found in a garbage can Cape.
    Orange gloves ( gloves ) Some gloves that you probably also found in the garbage.
    Stirge-slippers ( shoes ) Some stirge themed slippers.

    Strike mediocre confusion into the hearts of criminals with this!

  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers


    Do you think we could ever see these faces available in the future?
    Bannedstory says the names are "Clobber", "Disease Control STAR", and "Neville, the Legend".
  • Unblock access to Masteria's Haunted house

    Access to the haunted house area was removed a while back to make way for an entirely different haunted mansion event. It was not an event only area before, it was home to many items and monsters that are now inaccessible. The etc items required for upgrading the Stirgeman equipment (coat hanger, duct tape, stretchy material, wad of gum, and loaded spring) dropped from mobs in there as well as some various equips (lunchbox Lv 60, luminous heaven dagger, Trumpet, and a bunch of others). The NLC taxi even still refers to it being in phantom forest as well! Even though it's been removed from the "world map" of Masteria it could be added to the dimensional mirror if it needed to not be "invisible" on the map. (There was also a useless but interesting place that ended up getting lumped in with the removal of the area that was in a hidden portal to the right of the house with some Jr.Wraiths and the Headless Horseman's tombstone in it.)
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